Dora’s Big Birthday Adventure

Not only did Dora the Explorer recently turn 10 … Nick Jr. also released Dora’s Big Birthday Adventure on DVD on August 3! It’s got an all-star cast … and takes you on a birthday adventure you won’t soon forget! Back to Article

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cutiepie1417 wrote:
2012-04-22 10:26:42 -0700

dora is freaking gay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! add me if you agree

Hannah The Awesome
Hannah The Awesome wrote:
2012-04-22 10:12:51 -0700

To be honest, EVERYONE HATES DORA!!!

ShadowBabe wrote:
2012-04-22 10:07:18 -0700

I have to watch Dora in Spanish class. .__.

i luv xavier
i luv xavier wrote:
2012-04-22 09:58:11 -0700

i dont hate or love her

2ZEBRAS4ME wrote:
2012-04-22 09:57:38 -0700


Emma Girl
Emma Girl wrote:
2012-04-22 09:56:01 -0700

I HATE DORA!!!!!!!!!!!

babyangel16 wrote:
2012-04-22 09:51:27 -0700

i love dorea dodododoododo dora

2ZEBRAS4ME wrote:
2012-04-22 09:48:31 -0700

dora is so annoying i watched when i was like 3 but it got so annoying

savanna99 wrote:
2012-04-22 09:44:54 -0700

All i gotta say iz mii sister iz like 8 and she still likes dora i say lmao cus she iz lame but mi lil sis iz a cuttee piee thiz show haz been out like since 12 years like lmao agian i dnt no y it iz still out i think big bird iz beter then this fat oval with cube hair lol if u like this then add mii as a friend

lovesong 21
lovesong 21 wrote:
2012-04-22 09:43:50 -0700

eww soo stupid i hate dora i wish they would just cancel it

nyesha1234 wrote:
2012-04-22 09:36:03 -0700

wow y shod i care if u turned 10!!!!!! U KILLED BOOTS U FAT FREAK!!!!!!

*Break_It_Down18* wrote:
2012-04-22 08:06:51 -0700


fools101 wrote:
2012-03-02 13:36:17 -0800

I use to love Dora... Now it like WOW I USE TO LIKE THIS HOW EMBARRASSING, IT ANNOYING!! >.

2qute4u190 wrote:
2012-03-02 13:33:10 -0800

dammit dora just end the show already its stupid and no point and having it..theres a new way 2 learn spanish its called rosetta stone!

worldqweencc wrote:
2012-02-24 04:36:05 -0800

i mean really every little kid likes dora even when it so stupid

Hannah The Awesome
Hannah The Awesome wrote:
2012-02-23 14:12:31 -0800


jeny4ever wrote:
2012-02-23 14:10:09 -0800

who watches dora any more

aprils cool12
aprils cool12 wrote:
2012-02-22 22:18:10 -0800

well ha ha ur so stupid

mainmuffin wrote:
2012-02-22 19:46:25 -0800


mainmuffin wrote:
2012-02-22 19:46:16 -0800


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What Should Happen on Your Birthday?

  • Schools should close.
  • You should get a $2000 shopping spree.
  • The circus should set up in your back yard.
  • A BIG party should be thrown.

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