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Back To School Tips From the "Greek" Cast

Last season's finale for the ABC Family series Greek left Casey (Spencer Grammer) crying when her guy Cappie (Scott Michael Foster) walked away. Is it over for them? Will Rebecca (Dilshad Vadsaria) and Evan (Jake McDorman) stay lovey-dovey or face more drama? Will Ashleigh (Amber Stevens) have a great career in New York or return to Cyprus Rhodes University?

For those answers, turn in to Season 4 next January but, right now, Kidzworld is here in a new lecture room set for good ole CRU Law School hanging with the cast and getting their fun and useful back-to-school tips.

First, yikes! We see that poor Jake McDorman has a broken hand. He tells us his friend accidentally slammed it in a car door! Amber Stevens joins us.

Jake McDormanCourtesy of Lynn Barker

Kidzworld: Ow! Are they going to just shoot your scenes and not show your hand?

Jake: I don't know. I kind of surprised them with it today. I didn't want to deal with it over the weekend. Two bones are broken.

Amber: Oh no! Well, something happened to Spencer's leg and we shot around it for four or five episodes once.

Scott Michael Foster (Cappie) enters carrying at least two phones, an iPod and the latest script for the show (which he won't let us see... darn). Spencer (Casey) arrives, then Dilshad Vadsaria (Rebecca), and we hit the gang up for their best back to school advice…

Scott Michael FosterCourtesy of Lynn Barker

Scott Michael Foster (Cappie):

    1. Don't be late.
    2. Just be yourself because school is a short period in your life. People said that to me when I was a kid and I said, “No! It's the most important time of your life.” But just trust that it's not the be all end all and there is a life afterwards so be yourself.

    Jake McDorman (Evan):

      1. Keep your phone on vibrate or you'll get in trouble in class!

      Amber StevensCourtesy of Lynn Barker

      Amber Stevens (Ashleigh):

        1. Take good notes!

        Spencer GrammerCourtesy of Lynn Barker

        Spencer Grammer (Casey), who is finishing college in New York this fall, majoring in theater then maybe going to grad school, says, "I'm not getting married any time soon. I'd rather be educated.”

          1. Manage your time and prioritize, make lists.
          2. Order used textbooks from Amazon early.
          3. Make sure your computer is up to date.

          Dilshad VadsariaCourtesy of Lynn Barker

          Dilshad Vadsaria (Rebecca):

            1. Concentrate on studying.
            2. I love shopping for school supplies. Get cool school supplies, cool notebooks and glitter pens!

            Check out Season 4 of Greek starting in January on ABC Family.

            Lynn Barker, an editor and entertainment journalist for several websites, magazines and newspapers, has been active in the entertainment industry for many years.

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