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Glee: The Quarterback Review (Farewell to Finn)

Glee: The Quarterback Review (Farewell to Finn)

Oct 11, 2013 On last night's episode of Glee the cast and fans said farewell to both Finn and the late Cory Monteith as the show paid tribute to star and his more

Bitten: The Popular Novel Comes to T.V.

Bitten: The Popular Novel Comes to T.V.

Jan 10, 2014 Kidzworld got info from the writer of the original “Bitten” novel and the star of the new T.V. series on the Syfy Channel. more

Bullying Gets Eve Suspended on Last Man Standing

Bullying Gets Eve Suspended on Last Man Standing

Jan 03, 2013 Kidzworld asked teen Kaitlyn Dever about the important new episode of the ABC show Last Man Standing. more

Quiz! Glee Trivia

Quiz! Glee Trivia

Sep 02, 2014 The hit high school musical TV show Glee delivers non-stop one-liners and reinventions of classic pop songs that can get anyone's toes tapping, but more

Helix: Creepy Plague from the Arctic

Helix: Creepy Plague from the Arctic

Jan 13, 2014 Kidzworld checked out the new Sci-Fi series “Helix” which deals with a horrible virus taking over a research facility. Will the scientists catch it more

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MoonlightEyes posted in Movies:
I haven't read any of the books or seen the previous movie so sadly, not particularly.
reply 6 minutes
InternetOwl posted in Movies:
Brave, but only because there was no love interest and it wasn't a musical.
reply about 7 hours
american_brit posted in Movies:
"LAZY778" wrote: "american_brit" wrote: "LAZY778" wrote: Brave; because she didn't need a man to save her. It was about a mother daughter bond. And I love that. In tangled it was a love story. In the end Rapunzel and the guy fall in love. But in Brave she didn't need a man to be happy. She was the strong one not a prince. She was smart and confident. I love that. So even though Tangled was really funny i will always pick Brave. That's a really good point ^-^ I still like Tangled better. The plot made more sense and was better written (in my opinion though) I thought the humor was better as well; definitely a lot less crude! Also, the lack of songs in Brave bummed me out... it is a Disney Princess Movie :/ (Don't argue that it's Pixar!) Wait you think because it's a Disney movie there has to be singing!? Really that's dumb. Ok that Iis just my opinion. But really that's dumb.  No, that's not what I think. They're are plenty of Disney movies without singing. I just would appreciate that aspect -especially in a Disney Princess movie, but it's okay. 
reply about 7 hours
XxIHateMathxX posted in Movies:
Brave of course. In Tangled there's way too much singing. And Merida didn't need a guy to save her so ...
reply about 7 hours

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