HomeWork Box Review

While this cool new product from MOMS Made Easy, called a HomeWork Box, doesn’t magically guarantee you an “A” on your school assignments, it can make homework a whole lot less stressful!

Storage Solution

The Original HomeWork Box is cool because it lets you organize and keep track of all your homework assignments in a fun and easy way! Basically, this hip-looking storage solution encourages you to stay on top of your own homework – which also means you’ll hear a whole lot less nagging from your mom and dad!

Big & Bright

The HomeWork Box comes in fun, bright colors and cool patterns – PLUS it’s made of recyclable plastic and comes with a ruler, stapler and staples, tape and a tape dispenser, glue stick, pencils, pencil sharpener and scissors – basically, everything you need to do a stellar job on all your homework assignments and projects this coming school year!

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  • Science homework is kind of cool.
  • No way, homework sucks!
  • It would be if it was magic homework.
  • Yeah! It's weird, but I like homework.

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