Dear Dish-It, I Love a Bad Boy

My X claims he is a thug. He is into smokin' weed and stealing cars. I am the only female he ever said "I love you" to and his family and friends tell me all the time about how much I mean to him. Back to Article

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Barbrah wrote:
2014-03-21 23:14:29 -0700

That is true Smile Nose

jakswagg202 wrote:
2014-03-21 23:08:59 -0700

I guess I am in the bag because I am bad boy I am only nice to very very special people and there are like 3

lillyflower637 wrote:
2013-09-23 16:14:02 -0700

Boys always want a good girl to be bad just for him. A girl always wants a bad boy to be good just for her. smile

JennyD wrote:
2013-09-10 18:42:24 -0700

Sure I not sure

LiamPaynelover123 wrote:
2013-09-10 15:50:24 -0700

OMG! I love bad boys!

LiamPaynelover123 wrote:
2013-09-10 15:50:24 -0700

OMG! I love bad boys!

beautifulme40 wrote:
2012-08-24 19:57:08 -0700

Ahaha i prefer a guy wit guts

Rayanna1234 wrote:
2012-07-26 21:09:14 -0700

My bf is a gang member and I love him to death

JasmineGotTheCandy wrote:
2012-07-24 17:39:00 -0700

Ur Exactally Right Crazypie1st

lil cookie77
lil cookie77 wrote:
2012-07-24 16:29:52 -0700

my friend told me that this one guy at my school liked me but he is always fighting and getting introuble at school but I sort of like him, he can be nice Confused Sad

genebee66 wrote:
2012-07-24 14:27:23 -0700

i lke bad boys but they better not tell to do stuff over and over agian and talk smack to me

Crazypie1st wrote:
2012-07-24 12:27:13 -0700

Bad boys may seem cute in the outside, but in the inside, they're thinking trouble.........

Sparksfly33 wrote:
2012-07-24 06:22:16 -0700

Gotta agree.

risha68 wrote:
2012-07-23 18:06:19 -0700

i luv bad boys

Lawdd.. It's Bri!
Lawdd.. It's Bri! wrote:
2012-07-23 15:15:55 -0700

Good boys are fine by me... just as long as its a boy... im ok with it

Victoria_Danna wrote:
2012-07-23 14:55:27 -0700

Good boys are just too boring

Blue87 wrote:
2012-07-23 14:54:43 -0700

i love me a bad boy toooooo!

Victoria_Danna wrote:
2012-07-23 14:54:41 -0700

I love

His_Freak(; wrote:
2012-07-23 14:47:04 -0700

Yoo Wifeey!

Cali_KiddSooFresh wrote:
2012-07-23 14:30:59 -0700

ohhh iight

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Would You Date a Bad Boy?

  • Sure, if he had a heart of gold on the inside.
  • Yep! The more dangerous, the better.
  • No way. I like my guys nice, safe and friendly.
  • Only if the bad boy was Eminem.

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I don't care much for either, but I chose Maybelline because of better quality. 
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"sugarpetals" wrote: "-_-NowYouSeeMeD" wrote: I know a lot of u BELIBERS out there might not like this post..but..still...I'm gonna continue!!!!  JUSTIN BIBER is REALLY TALENTED....I KNOW...I DON'T DENIE THAT AT ALL...but personally as a person I HATE HIM!!  I mean he's horrible....he doesn't care about anyone's feelings he clearly proved that by breaking SELENA'S heart in to a thousand pieces & by almost being kicked out of a country!!!:c (not just any..USA).He also did many other kinds of things which are...heheheh....heheh....better off not mentioning!!!:D  I know I'll never be able to reach where he did at the age of 13 but if fame leads to this...then...I rather stay invisible!!!:3   I KNOW HATE IS A STRONG WORD BUT IT CAN'T BE HELPED WHEN IT COMES TO BIBER :'c CAN ANYONE GIVE ME SOME  GOOD REASONS FOR WHICH BIEBER SHOULDN'T BE HATED?!?!:( AT LEAST ...MAYBE THEN I WILL BE ABLE TO AGREE WITH MY FRIEND!!!!:c I really don't wanna change her love for Biber or anything....I just wanna see...even if for once....those things that she and all of u Justin Biber fans  see in him!!!:)   i am not a belieber but this is no way to talk about Justin. maybe he has his flaws but it is not for us to judge. u want reasons why people like him right then here are they: 1.he can sing 2.they like his music 3.he is cute if u hate him then its your problem.......u don't need to like him just don't hate him because he is human, would u like someone to hate you because of the way you live and choose to be? yes i agree he did allot of horrible things, but what right do you have to hate him? and as far as your friend is concerned....u shouldn't feel bad because she sees something you don't see in him and that has nothing to do with you. I agree with sugarpetals I'm sorry to say but she is right.
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My 2 older brothers & I live with my Mom, Step-Dad, & "their kids". They get out of doing chores, coming home at curfew, and can all but do anything & get away with all of it!!!!!! :e My Mom doesn't like it much but won't do anything about it. HELP!!!!!!!  :bigfrown
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Thanks for the support!! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
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