American Idol Final - Kelly vs. Justin

American Idol Final - Kelly vs. Justin - Reviewed by Kidzworld on Dec 27, 2006
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Sept. 3, 2002 was the night American Idol fanatics have been waiting for all summer. The final competitors - Kelly Clarkson and Justin Guarini - belted it out for the 1 million dollar record contract. Guess who won? Read on...


The Sing-Off

Tuesday September 3, 2002 was the night American Idol fanatics have been waiting for all summer. The final two competitors - Kelly Clarkson and Justin Guarini - belted it out for the one million dollar record contract.

Kelly Clarkson won the coin toss and opted to sing after Justin Guarini rather then before. I don't know what her strategy was, but if it was banking on Justin's nerves - she might have guessed right. Justin Guarini did not look as comfortable - or perform as well - as he had in previous episodes. Now don't get me wrong, Justin's voice could still blow Nikki McKibbin, Ryan Starr and A.J. Gil outta the auditorium, but he wasn't up against them anymore... he was up against Kelly Clarkson. Justin Guarini just wasn't any competition for the soulful Texan this time around.


  • Kelly Clarkson's rendition of Respect was the only fast song of the night and had the crowd gettin' down!
  • Justin Guarini's Get Here was a pretty good tune but he shoulda gone with something faster and more upbeat.
  • Not having to hear Simon Cowell blather on with insult after insult was definitely a plus for this epi.


  • The wardrobe for both Kelly Clarkson and Justin Guarini kinda bit. Justin's final suit had to be an inside joke and Kelly's constant gowns made her look like a Miss USA contestant rather than an American Idol.
  • That English winner, Will Young, was about as entertaining as watching mold grow on cheese. His song and performance were BAD! And since Simon Cowell helped pick this guy - I think it proves the annoying judge has no talent.


    America's Idol Is Announced!

    Well we know all the judges - Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson are finally in agreement, they'd all pick Kelly as the American Idol. Did YOU phone in for your fave? Did you tune in for the two-hour series finale? If ya did you know that America's Idol is Texan Kelly Clarkson!!!

    Course we had to wait almost the full two hours before they let us in on the vote - which was split Kelly Clarkson 58% - Justin Guarini 42%. Justin should feel lucky it wasn't a blow-out. While waiting for the big announcement, we all got to walk down memory lane watching old performances and old auditions from the very first show. We also got to see the ten finalists back together performing and goofing off. It was cool.


  • Watching the audition tapes from the really bad singers, like the opera version of Lady Marmalade. I'm sorry but it cracks me up!
  • Justin's cool concession speech when he found out he lost to Kelly. That boy has class, (I was worried he might cry like a baby.)


  • That cheesy English dude, Will Young singing again. Simon Cowell is right, the talent IS better in the US.
  • The length! The show could have easily been one hour and I wouldn't have felt like anything was missing. There were too many commercial breaks and too much filler.
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    Kelly Clarkson Wins - Yay or Nay?

    • I'm glad Kelly won. She's an incredible singer.
    • I think Justin should've won! He was the best!
    • I wished they could have both won.
    • I don't care who won. My fave was voted off already.

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