Dear Dish-It: 100 Pounds To Get My Period?

AZ asks: "Is it true that you have to be at least 100 lb before you get your first period???" Back to Article

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PrettyTeen Angle
PrettyTeen Angle wrote:
2013-03-11 14:41:09 -0700

dat 100 thing not true i weigh like 89 or 87 or 90 pounds i had my period

nashia00 wrote:
2013-03-11 14:17:33 -0700

haha ! smile

mzswagger2000 wrote:
2013-03-11 14:17:28 -0700

truuuuuuuuuu sike na but it is tru

Nashia2 wrote:
2013-03-11 14:14:36 -0700

omg ! im 145 pounds and i dont like it smh

Liyah90_2395010 wrote:
2013-03-10 19:07:18 -0700

NOPE thts not true i was not no 100 lb when i got mines i was young and skinny soo no thts a mith of the top

AlyGagaMinaj17 wrote:
2013-03-10 18:51:47 -0700

Its true i am really skinny and i had to be 100 in order to get it!

kaboodleboo wrote:
2013-03-08 12:41:02 -0800

It's true if you active you don't get yours early

dunya 2003
dunya 2003 wrote:
2013-03-08 11:36:15 -0800

stoupid ardical

queenkiki wrote:
2013-03-08 08:08:43 -0800

I had mine at 12

Paradise_Styles wrote:
2013-03-08 04:43:39 -0800

I got mine early

fabiana wrote:
2013-03-08 03:56:44 -0800

I weighed only 90 pounds when I started mine!

bethstar wrote:
2013-03-07 20:59:03 -0800

do u think its weird that I'm 11 and only 70 pounds? I'm 5 foot 2

DreamChild wrote:
2013-03-07 19:55:49 -0800

equalrights,You are skinny. I'm the same way and I'm a picky eater. I might eat lunch at school once or twice a week.

DreamChild wrote:
2013-03-07 19:47:50 -0800

9bella, That's normal. smile

9bella wrote:
2013-03-07 19:27:04 -0800

its weird im almost ten and weigh 62

equalrights wrote:
2013-03-07 19:22:59 -0800

I am a 11 and I started I weigh like 82 pounds

Blackwater101 wrote:
2013-03-07 18:04:51 -0800

i was 9 almost 10 when I started.

country_chic39 wrote:
2013-03-07 18:03:08 -0800

I started in 6th grade and I was 75 pounds

gottomuchswag19_2367845 wrote:
2013-03-07 17:42:59 -0800

i started in 6th grade and i was 62 pounds and i was like 9 when i started

gottomuchswag19_2367845 wrote:
2013-03-07 17:41:50 -0800

yes u do bro or girl whitch ever u can have it when ur under 100 i am 17 and i weigh 96 pounds and i have it every month for 9 days soo yeah u doo

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snickers mkay and Im closing this thread now :) BR yush you is fabulous too mate :D
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Boysrock50 posted in Style:
I'm fabulous :D
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Snickers147 posted in Style:
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Your welcomes and I thinks that we can close this thread now mkay  :)
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