LEGO Spybotics - Spy Kidz Spybots

What do you get when you mix spy gear with LEGO? Spybotics! Gary's got the 411 on what you can do with your own Spy robot. Back to Article

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What Kind of Spy Are You?

  • A smooth-talking ladies man.
  • Action man! Danger is my middle name.
  • A spy grrl with super-sneaky moves.
  • I'm a villain! Bwa-ha-ha!!!!

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No, I prefer forks and knives. ;3 What was the last meal you had today?
reply 27 minutes
hugebear posted in Board Games:
Only if they is used appropriately xD Does you like spoons? :)
reply 31 minutes
I do, I love it. My favorite robot is freddy fazbear 0. B0plus I love the bite of 87
reply about 1 hour
Adam Lambert Do you like knives / blades of any kind
reply about 3 hours
I did
reply about 4 hours