Family Party Fitness Fun :: Wii Game Review

If you are looking for a fun, fitness-themed game, look elsewhere. Read Kidzworld’s review of Family Party’s Fitness Fun for all the details. Back to Article

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mimi654321 wrote:
2011-06-06 10:27:14 -0700

not a bad article smile

alybloo wrote:
2011-04-19 08:47:28 -0700

My mom got me this game because we recently got a balance board from a family member. I tried it right away, thinking it would be fun. But actually, it was horrible. The games are extremely hard, my mom couldn't get it right! It never counts movements, (even after I try 5 more sets of batteries in my Wii remote, 2 more in the balance board.) Do not buy this game. I do not reccomend it at all. If you are looking for a fun game do not buy this, buy something else!

shorneshia wrote:
2010-10-27 08:17:42 -0700

love that game

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