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Top 10 Haunted Houses

Strange noises are the most common clues that a house is haunted. But… for a house to make the Kidzworld Top 10 Most Haunted Houses, there’s got to be some more freaky things going on. Find out what makes the most famous haunted houses the spookiest places in the World.

#10 – Myrtles Plantation

Myrtles PlantationMyrtles Plantation

This house was built back in 1796. It served as a home to the slaves from Africa who were forced to farm. Many awful things have happened over the years between the owners and the workers and now the house is haunted with piano playing ghosts. The house is now a Bed and Breakfast for those who don’t mind being poked and annoyed all night by mean ghosts.

#9 – The Tower of London

Tower of LondonTower of London

A building over 1000 years old has served to royalty throughout many wars and violent history. 1000s of people have been tortured and beheaded in this building so can you imagine what the ghosts are like? I don’t really want to know, but this place is one of the biggest tourist attractions of London.

#8 –Eastern State Penitentiary

Eastern State PenEastern State Pen

This prison was the home for some of the worst criminals that have ever been held captive in America. In specific cellblocks 12, 6, and 4, there has been prisoners haunted by ghosts possibly of their own crimes.

#7 – The Queen Mary

Queen MaryQueen Mary

This old ship was made into a luxury hotel that people where take long cruises on vacation. However the history of the ship tells terrible stories of sailors that have died in accidents in the engine room and collisions with other ships. Now, not only are their screams heard all over the boat which alarm the passengers for no reason, but furniture moves around, people feel the touch of unseen hands, and there is a common ghost seen as a “lady in white”.

#6 – Waverly Hills Sanatorium

Waverly hillsWaverly hills

This building was built in 1910 for the care of patients with tuberculosis, and it is estimated that over 10, 000 people have died there. Now ghost hunters go there and explore the unexplained cold spots, with haunting screams and unexplained shadows.

#5 – The Whaley House

Whaley HouseWhaley House

This is known as the most haunted house in the US as it was built in 1857 on a cemetery. The shutters are often seen to open and close from the street when there is no one in the home. There are smells of cigar when no one is smoking and perfume when no ladies are present. These ghosts are classy!

#4 – Raynham Hall

Raynham HallRaynham Hall

Raynham Hall in Norfolk, England, is where Lady Dorothy Townshend was photographed as the most famous ghost ever to be photographed. The ghost has been seen many times and described as “The Brown Lady” wearing a satin brown dress with a face that glows and she has empty eye sockets.

#3 – The Whitehouse

Woooo WhitehouseWoooo Whitehouse

All these dead presidents have held very tough jobs and some of them don’t believe that there job has ended just yet. They are busy working away at the Whitehouse looking for things and trying to tell the new president what to do. The latest is that Abraham Lincoln has told Barrack O’Bama all about his plans to buy Canada as the 52nd State.

#2 – Rolling Hills Asylum

Rolling HillsRolling Hills

This large building used to be an Insane Asylum and it was transformed into a mall of shops. After many reports of ghostly screams, shadows, locked doors, and weird voices, investigations have begun to report the strangest stories. The investigators tried to contact the spirits with experiments and the ghosts were summoned in front of many witnesses appearing to play with a rocking horse.

#1 – The Stanley Hotel

Stanley's Spooky HotelStanley's Spooky Hotel

This hotel is the inspiration for one of the most famous ghost stories called “The Shining”. The hotel seems to make the owners do things against their own will. Sounds of children playing keep the guests awake late all through the night. Guests wake up without any blankets on and then find them neatly folded beside them. Many rooms are haunted and are not recommenced to be occupied.

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((Author's Note: A My Little Pony poem inspired by Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. Edits and suggestions are accepted in the comments. If you would like to add on to this and continue writing it yourself, I will create a master post of the finished product and may include suggestions and other people's work, whom I will credit. Thank you.)) After the battle to banish the Empire succeeded, The pony of shadows now for a thousand years gone, The feasts of celebration were well underway, And the Princesses rejoiced that the battle was won.   Star Swirl the Bearded, great wizard of old, Had remained there as long as he may, But as soon as he rose, the hall to leave There came an event that forced him to stay.   A figure stepped in from the midst of a storm: The doors were flung open with tremendous might By a stallion of stature like never before seen His presence alone dimmed the room’s light.   His hooves pounded the floor and forced it to crack Legs like tree-trunks, and a voice like thunder His eyes flashed like stars underneath his hood All present had their composures thrown asunder.   “Greetings!” The unicorn cried to the thrones. “I have traveled from the Northland’s wastes To meet the Sisters of much I have heard And so I have arrived, coming with haste.”   Celestia bowed with grace to this stranger “We accept you in our halls, you are to be certain You will be welcome as long as you stay. But I request you tell of your journey and all it may pertain.   Begin with your name, if you please,” she concluded. And the unicorn nodded in acceptance. “Of course. You behold Polaris, a messenger For my people, and have come to pay penance   To the rulers of our far away neighbors. I am the chieftain of my tribe in the North, Masters of snow and flame in our magic. But now we are in need, and I have come forth   To beg of you your assistance.” He bowed in his head, in pleading he waited While averting his eyes to the ground. Not wanting the Princess to know what was unstated.   Star Swirl arose, proudly he stood, His horn lit aflame to point to the sky. “Of course we will help! I’ll accompany you myself!” He did not pause to ask Polaris why.  
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