Cutest Hat, Scarf & Glove Sets

It’s cold outside which means it’s time to stock up on cold weather accessories like knit hats, scarves and gloves to keep us warm and toasty!There are so many adorable options to choose from that we’re finding it hard to narrow it down to just one! Back to Article

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pooka7 wrote:
2012-09-29 17:37:59 -0700

mmm like these but i perfer sometimes to knit my
own style scarves and other things

babelilly1998 wrote:
2012-02-03 09:24:30 -0800

em non of these are style it is the hoody one with the cute bears on them

bizarlov wrote:
2011-12-21 10:17:06 -0800


skater girl-1
skater girl-1 wrote:
2011-07-29 01:56:06 -0700

cute Love

emlovesvolleyball wrote:
2011-06-21 11:17:56 -0700

the one with the big ball on it makes her look like a squirrl kinda*_*

patelyn123 wrote:
2011-06-21 11:16:34 -0700

hey dont make fun of my hat!!!!!

hotmeag2011 wrote:
2011-06-21 11:15:39 -0700

all of them are cute

winnywind wrote:
2011-06-21 11:14:12 -0700

A hat with a big ball on it wow that sure is style XD

netzy5656 wrote:
2011-02-20 07:33:29 -0800

i like the one that has bear ears the look sooo cute smile

BorderColliegirl10 wrote:
2011-02-20 07:29:04 -0800

I like the one with the flower on the side. Big Grin

16 Michelle16
16 Michelle16 wrote:
2010-12-25 13:54:56 -0800

AWWZEE! i lyke the lil bear ear 1!!!!

monekey7 wrote:
2010-11-15 04:13:17 -0800

you cant ask people there names its bad ya no ??????

brenda56 wrote:
2010-11-03 05:11:59 -0700

what is your name so i can chat with you seem awsome too meeh

brenda56 wrote:
2010-11-03 05:10:35 -0700

it cold out here too so freezing......

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Roots Hats: Bag 'Em Or Slag 'Em?

  • The Smoothie Toque is a must have.
  • Bucket hats rule all year round! I live for corduroy.
  • It's the Extreme Toque for my Xtreme moments.
  • I'd wear the Glacier Headband on and off the slopes.

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Dear Dish-It in the forums

tastycupcakes posted in Friends:
Well, my advice is to talk to her about it. Tell her how you feel about the matter. If she does not want to stop bullying the other girls that you are friends with, break off the friendship. I hope this helped with your problem!
reply about 3 hours
draaculagirl posted in Friends:
ok so i have this friend but she is mean to other girls and she does not like it if i am friends with other girls. i have been friends with her since third grade. and every one has some goodness in them. i just don't know what to do please help
reply about 6 hours
InternetOwl posted in Friends:
Well, I hope you're not friends with her whilst she's doing that.  You should confront her about it, tell her how's she's been acting and how you hate it. If it comes down to it tell an adult or someone you trust and see if they can help you. If it never gets better you should try moving on and ignoring her. It's not the best advice, but there's not a lot you can do.
reply about 8 hours
InternetOwl posted in Style:
Tbh, if she says they're too short or too tight, she's probably not going to change her mind on that. However, there are tonnes of clothes out there that are really cute without being tight or short. Like jumpers, for one. If you really do need new clothes, you should try and persuade her by telling her about your old clothes, like if they don't fit any more or if you don't have many left. Start small though, just by asking for new clothes that aren't too tight (there are loads of T-shirts and stuff out there) and slowly ask for bigger things like tighter clothes or jewellery.  Though some parents just don't like their kids wearing things like make-up or clothes that are too short, because they often feel the kid is too young to be wearing things that show a lot (which some kids often are). And, I don't think you can change their minds about that, as cool as it would seem. 
reply about 8 hours
draaculagirl posted in Friends:
ok and tell her that my dance is beatiful. that i am beutiful. and if you don't like it than you can just leave.  if she was truely your bff she would not bully you like this
reply about 9 hours