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Should girls be allowed to play football????? This is a good question because football is such a violent sport and a lot of children, teens and adults get hurt every year. Back to Article

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lexi237732 wrote:
2011-03-12 05:42:20 -0800

I say yes because its not like boys are as tough as girls i mean its the other way around da!!

cherry123 wrote:
2010-12-01 09:30:32 -0800

girls should play football cuz its not just a boys sport its should be a girls to and not just flag football two hand and tackle two aand i know im better at football than boys cuz imma independent girl

swimmergirl51 wrote:
2010-11-27 11:29:12 -0800

um.... ya girls should be aloud to play football. all the boys think "oh girls caould never play football." but i got new for them we can play football no doubt aout it!!!

art_rocks wrote:
2010-11-07 07:51:26 -0800

wow its fun to play football because am a big football fan you know but i play football with my family but it was inside like catch but i tackled my brother with my power but i didn't get hurt even am 8 year old girl ya maybe femlaes in football only like

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