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Try to save your car windshield from nasty bug guts and learn some math skills at the same time. Check out Bug Splat! Back to Article

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What's The Answer to 5x6+3-7=?

  • Seven.
  • Twenty Six.
  • Thirty Four.
  • Fourty.

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viti posted in Debating:
no,if u have fallen in love its not ur fault
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Wow! That was great advice thanks.    But i am presented with another problem. My mums grandpa's funeral is today and she's gonna be real bummed. And people are coming over the house. I'm not ready for people. I'm not a people person!
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Pink_Kitty posted in Debating:
We are not allowed to swear in my house.
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I got stuff from the Body Shop for my mom at Christmas.
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Brianna09 posted in Debating:
OMG really say shut up to your parents? I said that to my mom once and I got very punished for saying it.
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