Crazy Taxi :: XBLA Game Review

Crazy Taxi :: XBLA Game Review - Reviewed by Kidzworld on Nov 22, 2010
( Rating: 3 Star Rating)

The arcade classic, Crazy Taxi, is now available on XBox Live Arcade! But is it worth taking out for a spin? Check out Kidzworld's review to find out!

Crazy Taxi is an old SEGA arcade game that also made a few console appearances, including the SEGA Dreamcast game. The XBLA re-make of the classic adds some new stuff and also upgrades the graphics a bit. However, there are also a few memorable things missing as well.

Let's Make Some Crazy Money!

The gameplay for Crazy Taxi is as great as ever. Sure, the controls are not perfect and your hand might cramp up a bit, but the game itself is still frantic, fun, and addicting.

You choose between four different drivers and their cars and you are given a set amount of time as your shift. In that time, you must pick up people and take them to their desired locations. Each person is color coded so that you know how far they want to go. Each person also has a personal timer, meaning you need to get them to their location fast or risk getting no pay!

Both the arcade and the original Dreamcast city maps are included in this game. Even though there is an arrow guiding the way, you should learn all the shortcuts to earn the big bucks. You can do Crazy Drifts, jumps, drive against traffic, and run red lights. It's like driving around in Grand Theft Auto but without the cops!

Gone But Not Forgotten

A lot of the big name places in the game, such as KFC, is now renamed or missing. The original music, featuring The Offspring and Bad Religion, has been replaced with a bunch of unknown punk bands. The graphics for the game has been updated for HD, but it still looks old and dated.

However, there are additions, like mini-games, which includes balloon popping and bowling. These game are pretty fun and will actually test your Crazy Taxi driving skills! Overall, Crazy Taxi is fun and quite rewarding to play. However, there is no lasting appeal here, making the game only good for short plays every now and then.


Price: 800 MS Points ($10.00)

ESRB Rating: E 10+

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