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What sport is better? You and your friends debate about it all the time. You know it’s surfing but known of your friends believe you because they’ve never even tried it. Well let’s count down the top 10 sports and put this question to rest… What is the best sport?

#1 - Soccer

Soccer SweepSoccer Sweep

Hands down the winner is soccer . You might watch it on TV and think it’s boring, but it is the most popular sport in the World . People die for their soccer team in some crazy neighborhoods. Now that kind of dedication earns their sport the crown.

#2 - Football

Football FeverFootball Fever

Football may be violent and maybe only Americans are the ones who like to play this game, but the Super Bowl is a pretty fun event… and for good reason. Have you seen a NFL player up close? Besides the guy who punts the football, every football player you might happen to come across in the street, looks like a Terminator Machine. This type of sport is truly the most hardcore sport ever.

#3 - Hockey

Hockey HeroHockey Hero

Even though the NHL is losing popularity, hockey is a pretty ingenious game. The skates, the hockey stick, the puck… I mean, who thought of all this stuff? It’s evolved into the fastest sport without gravity and if you’ve ever pulled off a triple deke and snuck the puck in 5-hole … you’d agree that hockey is fun.

#4 - Basketball

Ball and a BasketBall and a Basket

Michael Jordan … the World’s most popular athlete… the most dominant and exciting player… he himself earns basketball one of the top 4 sports. It's a great sport because all you need is a ball and a milk carton to play.

#5 - Surfing

Big Wave WondersBig Wave Wonders

Surfing is the best sport to do by yourself. The thrill of catching a wave is agreed one of the most amazing lifetime experiences. Anyone who has ever surfed always remembers the first wave they have ever caught. It’s also very difficult, so once you’ve caught a wave it’s very rewarding.

#6 - Baseball

Called ShotCalled Shot

Baseball is super fun to play… booooring to watch. It doesn’t take much to play first base, but if you can throw or hit a curve ball , I would say that you’ve taken the time and patience to master one difficult skill.

#7 - Tennis

Well even though Tennis is the adopted sport of the Prince of Lancelot, tennis is the best sport of all racquet sports. It’s just too bad that there isn’t more face-painting and song chanting by the fans.

#8 - Skateboarding

Skateboarding is definitely the coolest sport with an urban style. Thank God for video cameras and super slow motion so you can actually see what the heck is going on in all the cool tricks.

#9 - Skiing

Ski SceneSki Scene

Skiers and Snowboarders are actually quite funny on the mountain talking about which sport is better. Who cares? Anyone who flies down the mountain at mach speed is cool.

#10 - Parkour

The newest sport to get some hype is Parkour . OK, it might have evolved from Jackass Movies , but whatever… the guys that are doing this sport right now are awesome and youtube is thriving on this stuff.

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Starblast wrote:

Did you see those guys doing Parkour!!?? That was awesome. I would like to try it. But it may be dangerous.
commented: Tue Sep 17, 2013


brunostar wrote:

awesome (:
commented: Wed Jun 05, 2013


kwluver01 wrote:

YEA! finally! Soccer at #1!! WHOOOO SOCCER RULES!!
commented: Mon Aug 20, 2012

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