Greenzys: Eco-Friendly Toys

Greenzys are a brand-new kind of toy – one that’s friendly for the earth! They’re cute, cuddly and all about a good cause! Each time you buy a Greenzy – which are made from natural materials and non-toxic dyes – a tree is planted! Back to Article

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katrinakaif123 wrote:
2013-05-02 07:43:37 -0700

same here

Kira Baby 22
Kira Baby 22 wrote:
2011-02-17 01:53:09 -0800

Me to

dog lover00
dog lover00 wrote:
2011-02-10 08:15:04 -0800

me too! luv em!

--Em0--Girl-- wrote:
2011-02-07 20:20:43 -0800

i want to elephant smile

brookelle321 wrote:
2011-02-05 03:07:52 -0800

i want all of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NetbookNerd01 wrote:
2011-01-29 02:40:48 -0800

the panda is so cute!

PrincessCarly wrote:
2011-01-25 00:32:24 -0800

I want the panda sooooooooooo bad!

sadiestar wrote:
2011-01-24 04:28:41 -0800

i want the giraffe and elephant!

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How Do You Keep the Environment Clean?

  • I recycle everything.
  • I don't litter and I pick up any trash lying around.
  • I walk, skateboard or ride my bike everywhere.
  • I reuse bags and plastic containers.

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