Dear Dish-It: My Mom Won't Let Me Dye My Hair

I want to be myself and dying my hair makes me feel like an individual. Why doesn't my mom want me to dye my hair - and how can I convince her to let me do it? Back to Article

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mz.lululion wrote:
2012-02-01 17:51:55 -0800

imma boout to get highlights on my birthday ^___^

omg32 wrote:
2012-02-01 17:50:54 -0800

only changed my hair color when i turn 13

MS.swagger12 wrote:
2012-02-01 17:47:03 -0800

i died mine green and blue mixed but i change it back to black

jbizmiluv wrote:
2012-01-24 04:34:11 -0800

Men who evr mom dnt lt thm die ur hair thn thy
suc b@1lz all da way smile im so lucky I cn die mi
hair bcuz.. saves que thn mii nmi mom will tlk n mi dad will say jst lt her

loeydovey4567 wrote:
2012-01-24 03:06:14 -0800

on on the bottom

hanlol77544 wrote:
2012-01-23 21:04:15 -0800

i died my hair

nailgirl78 wrote:
2012-01-15 13:51:31 -0800

I want high lights the color pink c aues i have black hair

divaswagg08 wrote:
2012-01-14 18:19:19 -0800

i love my hair color i would neva change it

-NicoleYurQurl01 wrote:
2012-01-14 18:17:37 -0800

-Shhhhhh Tkenyaa M ... !!

-NicoleYurQurl01 wrote:
2012-01-14 18:16:33 -0800

-ii probablyy qet muhh hair dyed jet black iidk ! muhh mothaa jusxx bhee triipinqq , somtymes lol !!

#Randomm !

hsm14 wrote:
2012-01-14 18:05:16 -0800

in my class mostly every one has there hair dyed and even the kinder garder have their hair dyed

tkenya2 wrote:
2012-01-14 17:48:42 -0800

I geting my hair dye when I turn 14 cool my mother is cool

Japihi wrote:
2012-01-11 16:31:39 -0800

ikr mee to imma sneak and dye mi hair purple so hehe it looks cute on meh Tongue Out

mspinklambo wrote:
2012-01-03 20:35:59 -0800

i want mii hair yellow she sayed no i was so dam mad

Mrs.Jasper Hale
Mrs.Jasper Hale wrote:
2011-07-29 17:24:24 -0700

do wat im gonna do well if its ok with ur mom theres these hari thingys that at any hair salon theyll put in they just tie to ur hair and come out in about a month Angel

kgirl246 wrote:
2011-07-28 12:48:41 -0700

I got a pink streak in my hair and my mom was ok with it but i cant have it @ school Frown

misskloves wrote:
2011-07-23 19:27:42 -0700

i want my hair to be dyed black with brown streaks

panther#38 wrote:
2011-07-23 17:22:46 -0700

eeh that suxs alot but ppl dont care because some ppl are iignorent but im not well that sux i know my mom says the same thing too dont worry ur not the only one Frustrated

sasha da baddest
sasha da baddest wrote:
2011-07-23 10:20:29 -0700

my mom said she wants 2 die my hair a dark brown but i dont wnt 2 bcuz i luv my hair color

dancer 799
dancer 799 wrote:
2011-07-23 10:06:13 -0700

huh my mama said my hair iz cute the way it is

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What's Your Biggest Hair Problem?

  • Getting the tangles out after a shower.
  • Keeping the frizzies down.
  • I always get a funny flip on one side.
  • My curls lose their spring.

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jordand08 posted in Friends:
"iamastar" wrote:i like this guy called brandon rumball he's really cute we are total opposites he's tall and i am short he is smart i am not so smart he is the best swimmer and i am the second worst and i really like  him i trying to forget about him but he's just poping back in my head i neeed help First off, for his safety don't tell his last name. And opposites attract. Sometimes. :p Maybe you get get him to help you become a better swimmer, even though here, it's cold.  
reply 21 minutes
Hey well I think u are so right about the hair thing.
reply about 6 hours
Homeschooler posted in Friends:
I'm not trying to be rude...but don't do the hair thing. Just don't. I know a lot of guys and they don't like flirty girls. Just be friend first and if he seems interested, and if you are ready for it, talk to your parents about going a little farther. One again, I'm not trying to be mean, but I just want you to be safe ;)
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kuzivakwashe posted in Friends:
hi, i have a guy i like He's name is Malachi. I really like him. He is from my youth group. Everytime i look at him he looks at him. I was told it means he likes me. Just go to him and say hi and act natural ok.  i know you will nervous but just be calm
reply about 6 hours
Raccoonsrule posted in Friends:
Just casually walk up to him, say Hi, look your best on that day. i mean, it can't hurt. Talk to him! Hang out! Have lunch. Flip your hair when he's looking your way. Be nice, not pushy.     Wish you luck!  :hippie :D
reply about 6 hours