Glee: Season 2, Episode 11 :: The Sue Sylvester Shuffle

Glee returns with a special Super Bowl-themed episode - The Sue Sylvester Shuffle (Season 2, Episode 11) - that sees the Cheerios, glee club and football squad team up for one big victory! Back to Article

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brittnay12 wrote:
2013-03-04 15:06:07 -0800


iHistorian wrote:
2011-08-26 18:06:49 -0700

Of course, Adriana...XD

carriefan98 wrote:
2011-08-26 18:04:45 -0700

Off with your head xD

Pingping963 wrote:
2011-03-21 07:56:33 -0700

I'm a gleek! PROUD GLEEK! XD

anna 1999
anna 1999 wrote:
2011-02-08 01:13:56 -0800

i love glee and i watch it every monday lol xxxxxxxxx

dog lover00
dog lover00 wrote:
2011-02-07 09:59:48 -0800

sam is ok. I'M A GLEEK!!! Big Grin

~S3XY_BRE~ wrote:
2011-02-07 06:52:41 -0800

I acctually liked the new show!
I never really watch shows like that ever but after the superbowl it came on and i was watching it, it was acctually really funny and like types of drama! LOL but i am not in love with it but it is ok(: hahha
I will try to watch it mores

Brizie - chan
Brizie - chan wrote:
2011-02-07 00:31:55 -0800

Glee needs Sam to be in it more. =P xDD

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