Earthquake: How to make an Emergency Supply Kit

The 2011 Earthquake in Japan has startled the World. It has reminded us to be prepared for natural disasters. Kidzworld wants you to know some of the basic safety procedures just in case you ever find yourself in the middle of an Earthquake. Back to Article

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najayabambi wrote:
2013-05-30 15:59:56 -0700

first one bad

membershipgirl wrote:
2012-04-15 05:46:02 -0700

Yeah these are good articles Big Grin

Chi chi chi *--*
Chi chi chi *--* wrote:
2012-04-03 10:10:33 -0700

OMG! I remeber I've been through an earthquake this year. I was at school and the teacher was coming in when I felt the floor shaking. However it was really faint (or weak?..oh I don't know, to be honest xD) Then we went out from the classroom and we had been out all the day -.-" No comment. Everybody was terrified about it .

jemz..ilypeace wrote:
2011-10-06 01:38:00 -0700

poor ppl in Christchurch!!!!!! ily

CookieDevil wrote:
2011-08-26 09:36:13 -0700

This is an excellent article! smile Thank you for posting this, Kidzworld. smile

bcs3172 wrote:
2011-08-26 09:00:58 -0700

I have been through an earthquake recently. This past week in Virginia there was a 5.9 magnitude earthquake that was felt along the whole eastern coast of the united states. and the eastern coast now is also being hit by hurricane Irene. It is said to hit where i live NY by Sunday the 28th of August Frown

woozygirl wrote:
2011-06-05 08:24:50 -0700

my grand parents had been in a earthquak before i was born in the philipens Frown pour people

carson206 wrote:
2011-05-09 11:30:43 -0700

i dont know what half the stuff is on this list is! i guess it could would help to have a dictionary. haha Blush Blush

lilliagirl7 wrote:
2011-05-07 23:13:08 -0700

I feel so bad for people that had been through a earthquake, hurricane, and torrando

pajamagirl wrote:
2011-05-03 06:39:29 -0700

this is very helpful

PollyPocket123 wrote:
2011-04-30 02:10:21 -0700

i have never been through an earthquake,a tornadoe,but i have been through a hurricane Sad

jessicarabbit899 wrote:
2011-04-27 10:22:00 -0700

I think Illinois had one in 2008,But I was asleep,
ON abc 7 they said it's gonna happen in 2060

innocentgirl145 wrote:
2011-04-19 00:12:25 -0700

I've never been through an earthquake.

AliceFellDownnn wrote:
2011-04-17 04:47:03 -0700

I've never been through an earthquake.

shymeia wrote:
2011-04-16 17:33:56 -0700

i think it is very sad because earthquakes shouldnt even happen if there are people there

brittbritt232 wrote:
2011-04-16 13:13:25 -0700

Sad that the Autism people in that place had to deal with that sad smile

MASTER1023 wrote:
2011-04-14 00:24:52 -0700

Earthquakes are dangerous beacuse they can destroy a counrty in seconds always have a saftey plan

Jordan wrote:
2011-04-12 04:21:17 -0700

Earthquakes are so scary!!!

Dr.Ozi wrote:
2011-04-11 12:56:12 -0700

It's not very wise to get under something if the roof with bad stability, regardless if it's old or new, not a good idea. Get in-between a door enterence, it has a strong structure.

squeeky125 wrote:
2011-04-11 01:20:46 -0700

it's sad about the earthquake and that over 8 thousand people who have died Sad

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