Dear Dish-It: My First Kiss

Pandabear asks: “My boyfriend wants to kiss me, but I’ve never kissed anyone before and he has. I'm scared that if I kiss him he won’t think I'm good at it. I’m really nervous and I don’t know what to do! Any advice?” Back to Article

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PeaceLoveSing123_1830450 wrote:
2011-07-04 20:34:38 -0700

My first kiss by my first bf wasn't real buz he was a ..... Mr.Player.
So I gave him so pay back.
He was dating my bff.
I was like ...OMG

AlwayzRandom wrote:
2011-07-04 19:52:39 -0700

i was 4

Aceof wrote:
2011-07-03 15:59:39 -0700

My first kiss was about a year ago. It stunk..... the girl kissed me on the first date i didn't get the chance to be the one to kiss her! Also she had braces so my lip was cut that night. She put a hello kitty band-aid on it.... it was the worst but best night of my life. I will never forget Claire..... even though now i'm sure she wishes i would XD

lovemandylover_1828124 wrote:
2011-07-03 15:53:19 -0700

my first kiss was sick lol jk was at a peaty cutest gurl ever..great 3

ShawtyyBhadd_1819977 wrote:
2011-07-03 15:44:10 -0700

Iwas 3 years oldd

2011-07-03 08:04:51 -0700

I had my first bf and kiss when i was 7

Elijah3146 wrote:
2011-07-02 14:51:18 -0700

i had my first kiss it was great!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wink

Valerie wrote:
2011-07-02 07:11:16 -0700

i dont intend to Wink

I_lUv_PrInC3tOn143 wrote:
2011-07-01 15:43:40 -0700

Im sooo glad I don't have this problem anymore. Honestly, I dont see what this big fuss is about with people not having their 1st kiss.It honestly isn't really a big deal. I'm just glad I got mine over with. Thank God for spin the bottle X] Lol

jayjaylababe wrote:
2011-07-01 15:39:54 -0700

i havent gotton my first kiss Confused

Bhadd0704 wrote:
2011-06-28 15:14:17 -0700


queen_np wrote:
2011-06-27 04:58:54 -0700

i still havent got my first kiss and im not plannin on gettin one until im in college,p.s.i havent even had a boyfriend and its not lik i cant get one i can but i know im too young

BrookieCookie123 wrote:
2011-06-27 04:15:46 -0700

I feel the same way.

HollywoodStar wrote:
2011-06-26 13:22:12 -0700

Scared to have my first kiss

lovenicegirl67 wrote:
2011-06-26 12:12:33 -0700


lovenicegirl67 wrote:
2011-06-26 12:12:18 -0700

i had my frist on 3rd garde cute! "tear".

iluvubaby wrote:
2011-06-26 11:52:05 -0700

i had mine already and did it!

IceWoman wrote:
2011-06-26 09:45:52 -0700

i've kissed boys before, but i havent had my first real kiss yet with a boy i truly love

queeniyana wrote:
2011-06-26 09:23:06 -0700

i had mine kiss it was a french kiss

niatail2 wrote:
2011-06-26 08:44:28 -0700

omfg im soo embarrsed i didnt have minez yet

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The Right Time for Your First Kiss?

  • When you are in love with someone.
  • When you're 15.
  • Not until you've finished high school.
  • When you're playing truth or dare.

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