Dear Dish-It: My First Kiss

Pandabear asks: “My boyfriend wants to kiss me, but I’ve never kissed anyone before and he has. I'm scared that if I kiss him he won’t think I'm good at it. I’m really nervous and I don’t know what to do! Any advice?” Back to Article

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-TheUnexpectedGirl- wrote:
2014-03-18 14:50:56 -0700

i was 5 and 1/2

AlexPie wrote:
2014-03-18 14:49:54 -0700

Nor Have I -,- Someone Named Crystaa Said I Did When I Was Sick.

its_skylar119 wrote:
2014-03-18 14:48:17 -0700

dont... we r all pretty much stupid for ####### so young , save yourself for a boy/girl that really loves you with all thier heart!!! Wink - Love Skylar

Chayluv wrote:
2014-03-18 14:46:21 -0700

Never had one....

hellohayhi23 wrote:
2014-03-18 14:45:44 -0700

nope haha no ###### yet Blush

FriendsForEva14 wrote:
2014-03-18 14:44:37 -0700

So im not the only one hhahaah 5..............

TacoDuck361 wrote:
2014-03-18 14:44:18 -0700

Never had it, never will Frown

SpAiNsH_yOuNgEr wrote:
2014-03-18 14:40:52 -0700

Mines was when i was 5 o_o

nba15 wrote:
2014-03-18 14:36:28 -0700

Hi faith smile

its_skylar119 wrote:
2014-03-18 14:34:38 -0700

my was when i was 8 i was swimming with my girl/friends and she liked me ( she was also 8 ) , so we kissed above and below water it was romantic , then me and her sister did the same thing ( sis is 5 years older ) and to this day we r all still friends Wink

jessicaluvsparamore wrote:
2014-03-18 14:34:24 -0700

mine was when I was 10 and they guy was 13! but it was all a dare so ya...

faithbarberina1 wrote:
2014-03-18 14:33:11 -0700

never had my first kiss xc

Alyssa_cx wrote:
2014-03-18 14:24:17 -0700

Mine was in 6th grade in recess aha .

pinche_valeria wrote:
2014-03-18 14:17:41 -0700

Mine was in 7th during a basketball game cx

JesseWesse wrote:
2014-03-18 14:14:02 -0700

mine grade 8 but she didnt love me ): so not techniacllly a long kiss tho so no

RyanUTK11 wrote:
2014-03-18 14:09:24 -0700

Ive only been kissed by my mommy on the side of the cheek thats it haha

Alyssa_cx wrote:
2014-03-18 14:08:50 -0700

Lol true and that's cute

kountry_kutie wrote:
2014-03-18 14:08:22 -0700

You're not alone........i haven't been kissed either smile So don't feel bad!

georgia_bulldog wrote:
2014-03-18 14:06:25 -0700

One thing people never knew about me is that I have never been kissed. Most people are shocked when they look at me.I guess they kind of expect that i have. So yeah.

LoverHater wrote:
2014-03-18 14:04:01 -0700

Just kiss him and no kiss is bad unless you somehow break their nose or bust their lip my first kiss was at a park under a tree laying down with our friends while he was wearing my jacket and sunglasses lol it was awesome

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The Right Time for Your First Kiss?

  • When you are in love with someone.
  • When you're 15.
  • Not until you've finished high school.
  • When you're playing truth or dare.

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