Dear Dish-It: I Wanna Be A Star!

WannabeStar asks: “I’ve wanted to be on TV before I even knew what that meant. I’m a really good actor, but these days it seems like it’s a one-in-a-million chance. How do I get famous?” Back to Article

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xluvgirlx wrote:
2011-05-16 05:01:54 -0700

I'v always wanted to be a singer. I sang in a solo at christmas in a church when i was 9 but now i get freaked out when i sing in front of evryone and the room starts to spin and i feel dizzy and cant breath properly.

jjsay15 wrote:
2011-05-15 10:23:11 -0700

i wanna be famous 2 but not actress singer every one says i have a good vioce but ill probably never get it but if u believe u can then u might just keep believing

ocalais147 wrote:
2011-05-15 10:19:54 -0700

Thats what I wanna be so bad,an actress smile

emkat2009 wrote:
2011-05-15 02:52:04 -0700

faye12345 dont be so rude and negative you never know someday maybe they will be famous.

faye12345 wrote:
2011-05-15 01:42:21 -0700

That wont happen just get a normal job wearedo

xXMagical_FantasyGurlXx wrote:
2011-05-13 08:28:40 -0700

All you have to do is believe and work hard for it SHEESH!!! Tongue Out

coolcharlie101 wrote:
2011-05-13 05:32:42 -0700

i dislike... take a normal career

coolcharlie101 wrote:
2011-05-13 05:32:21 -0700

gosh just 4get it i wouldt get ur hopes up.

kinkin11 wrote:
2011-05-13 04:47:19 -0700

oh ya there are still possibilitys for every one.
P.S tweens teens

kinkin11 wrote:
2011-05-13 04:46:09 -0700

well I found a guy on creiags list and its a job for either modeling or acting witch ever they think fits you best. smile

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Fame - What Would Bug U the Most?

  • Having people know about my love life.
  • People watchin' me while I eat.
  • Takin' my pic on a bad hair day.
  • Nothin', I'm an attention freak. I'd love it all!

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