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Kidzworld’s Hall of Shame is back – and better than ever! We’re inviting all Kidzworld Members to submit your most mortifying, turn-your-face-red moment of all time – you know, the stuff you thought you’d never live down! Back to Article

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vkfan101 wrote:
2012-12-02 10:32:53 -0800

I have a crush at school and everyone keeps asking me if we're dating when my crush doesnt even like me.

ellakin1124 wrote:
2011-11-04 21:50:44 -0700

Teehee i luff these things :3

angelbabygirl wrote:
2011-08-24 10:39:52 -0700

aww thats just wrong

z*swagga*00 wrote:
2011-08-21 12:46:51 -0700

In gym 2weeks ago my friend went up to my crush and asked him when he was going to make a move on me and he said no of coarse he already knew I liked him but it was still the most mortifying moment

raymi100 wrote:
2011-08-19 20:54:47 -0700

OMG I totally remember her splashing root beer on me. Devil I was ticked.

pooker13 wrote:
2011-08-12 07:43:22 -0700

wow u have selena and justin kissing and all over each other did u know people thought that selena was pergent form justin because she hase been having pain and getting sick stuff like tht

unicorn422 wrote:
2011-08-12 07:39:55 -0700

dis is meh! smile

Charmie4 wrote:
2011-08-10 15:02:30 -0700

This is me every day

iamemogurl2 wrote:
2011-08-10 02:33:33 -0700

me this is me

hey its lexi
hey its lexi wrote:
2011-08-05 16:06:49 -0700


-}}}{$Honey.Dip.4.Life$}{{{- wrote:
2011-08-04 07:11:58 -0700

But little did I know someone recently mopped?? Behind my table!! So we're all getting up and still laughing and BAM my chair falls, WHILE IM IN IT! and I took down two chairs next to me. The whole restraunt got quiet. And you know how to laugh it off? It's ridiculous to do when only you and 20 people out of everyone there is laughing. But oh gosh, I thought Sgt Nettere was gonna kill me or scream at me or something haha but it was hilariously embarsssing..#Epic Fail Wink Tongue

-}}}{$Honey.Dip.4.Life$}{{{- wrote:
2011-08-04 07:08:39 -0700

1 hour 1/2 at cici's my friends and i are sittin in the middle of the restraunt waiting for our other Friends to come bcuz they went to toys r us to play hide and seek XD what's wrong wit high school students?! I'll never know, haha. So we're waiting and eating, Jus having fun and idk how but I fell outta my chair lol we could not stop Laughing. So like 30 minutes later we all being stupid and are like the loudest people there and someone said somethin and we jus busted Out we get up

-}}}{$Honey.Dip.4.Life$}{{{- wrote:
2011-08-04 06:56:18 -0700

Wow. Thas what I'm talkin bout -digital high 5! Woo!-
Haha I failed this school year cuz I was slacking n dint try. Tongue Out but like you said.. New school year so fresh start. I'm going to get A's and B's all year so I can b a junior next year n_~

Jesus_Freak 0_o
Jesus_Freak 0_o wrote:
2011-08-02 16:21:34 -0700

I danced in the middle of a super-market, oblivious to the world, (my head phones were up loud) and ran into this guy. (blush)
I also was eading a book and fell down stairs i didnt even know existed. (ouch)

Oreos :P
Oreos :P wrote:
2011-07-31 23:45:24 -0700

In the past I've been the guy to f everything up for myself and be the laughing stock of the school. But the new school year is starting in just a couple weeks, time for a fresh start!

laysia100barbie wrote:
2011-07-28 12:57:29 -0700

schools starinq hopin no,ones gonna embarissed

Phionah wrote:
2011-07-25 20:57:10 -0700

So scared one of this is going to do he same stuff to me when school starts keeping fingers crossed

cupcakechick wrote:
2011-07-25 10:56:45 -0700

Dear Dish-It,
I am afraid to start school again because I haven't lost enough weight! I am really scared, can u help me!?!

lindseyiscool wrote:
2011-07-24 15:20:16 -0700

OMG!! The most embarrasing story was the last one at the lunch line!!! OOPS! I feel so sorry for you!! All of the other stories were embarrasing too lol!

divakirs10 wrote:
2011-07-24 07:41:36 -0700

so sorry for you! Worried

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Hall of Shame - Pick the Winner!

  • Getting caught singing the Frosted Flakes song.
  • Getting caught by your crush singing a goofy song.
  • Losing your tankini in front of your BF's friends.
  • Having people think you said you like a dorky guy.

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Kidzworld’s Hall of Shame is back – and better than ever! We’re inviting all Kidzworld Members to...
Kidzworld’s Hall of Shame is back – and better than ever! We’re inviting all Kidzworld Members to...
Kidzworld’s Hall of Shame is back – and better than ever! We’re inviting all Kidzworld Members to...

Dear Dish-It in the forums

Ashleexo posted in Family Issues:
"ILMDGRL" wrote:               A lot of times people aren't in the mindset  for doing certain things. Musical stimuli is proven make your brain more active, and it can be your favorite song or one that teaches you how to do whatever you need. You can also take notes from your book(s) or websites. Last thing I can suggest is to take a break if you get frustrated. Hope that helps & if you have any questions just P.M. or comment me. Good luck :) ILMDGRL is right. I couldn't give better advice that she just did.  8)
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InternetOwl posted in Style:
Yes, but only if they wear something like a long T-shirt, long cardigan or shorts over them because leggings show a lot and aren't exactly trousers. >.>
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yogurtiscool posted in Style:
reply about 3 hours
Sure. :3
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ILMDGRL posted in Style:
               Mk. I wanna look flirty, mysterious, lonely, sassy, and strong all at the same time. The only other thing I have to say is that dresses of any kind are out of the question so if anyone has tips on makeup or clothing please HELP!
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