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Celebs with Summer Crushes

Ah, summer lovin’. It’s definitely a great season to have a crush, whether you’re a Hollywood Star or not! Check out Kidzworld’s list of the current Top 10 Summer Couples in Hollywood!

No. 10: Leonardo DiCaprio & Blake Lively

Blake Lively and Leonardo DiCaprioBlake Lively and Leonardo DiCaprio

Despite a pretty big age diff (Leo’s 37, while Blake’s just 23), this couple makes our Top 10 list for making each other oh-so-happy this summer! Leo, who recently split from his latest supermodel GF, is all smiles whenever he and Blake are together – whether it’s holding hands under the moon in Europe or sailing in style on a yacht!

No. 9: Justin Timberlake & Ashley Olsen

Justin Timberlake and Ashley OlsenJustin Timberlake and Ashley Olsen

These two keep denying they're a couple, but they certainly seem to have been spending a lot of time together this summer. The two were spotted at an NYC hotel, at a SNL party, two Broadway shows and a game of polo. Sounds like more than “just friends” to us!

No. 8: Ian Somerhalder & Nina Dobrev

Nina Dobrev and Ian SomerhalderNina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder

This couple isn’t as “new” for the summer as you may think…Nina and Ian have been keeping their relationship under wraps for over a year now! The two Vampire Diaries actors let the cat out of the bag at the Much Music Video Awards in Toronto in June, turning heads as they walked down the red carpet hand in hand!

No. 7: Wladimir Klitschko & Hayden Panettiere

Wladimir Klitschko and Hayden PanettiereWladimir Klitschko and Hayden Panettiere

OK, you know who Hayden is, but have you heard of her six-foot-six boxing boyfriend Wladimir (pronounced “Vladimir)?! Yup, the five-foot-two-inch star is head over heels with her Ukranian fighter, recently saying that, despite the height diff, their relationship “works in a BIG way!”

No. 6: Nick Jonas & Delta Goodrem

Nick Jonas and Delta GoodremNick Jonas and Delta Goodrem

Delta – a gorgeous singer from Australia – and Nick Jonas definitely make this list as a hot summer couple! The two made their BF-GF debut in May and, although Delta’s a full eight years older than Nick, they really seem to be enjoying each other’s company!

No. 5: Kris Humphries & Kim Kardashian

Kris Humphries and Kim KardashianKris Humphries and Kim Kardashian

We don’t usually write much about Kim here on KW, because we’re not really sure what she does for her star status (besides promoting lots of products and having a reality TV show with the rest of her fam), but there’s no denying that she and her TALL guy, basketball star Kris Humphries of the New Jersey Nets, are one of Hollywood’s hottest couples this summer (especially with Kris' recent marriage proposal to Kim, which includes a gigantic rock)!

No. 4: Andrew Garfield & Emma Stone

Andrew Garfield and Emma StoneAndrew Garfield and Emma Stone

This “might-be” couple has our Spidey senses tingling…are the Amazing Spider-Man co-stars Andrew (a.k.a. Spider-Man) and Emma (who plays his high-school GF Gwen Stacey in the movie) officially a couple – off the set as well as on – this summer???

No. 3: Prince William & Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton and Prince WilliamKate Middleton and Prince William

Their Royal Wedding was the talk of the WORLD this spring, and now that summer’s set in we hear that His and Her Royal Highness are settling right into married life in their new home in Anglesley, in North Wales.

No. 2: Prince Harry & Pippa Middleton

Pippa Middleton and Prince HarryPippa Middleton and Prince Harry

Pippa’s got her big sis Kate beat on our list, following rumors that she and Prince Wills’ younger bro, Harry, may soon be a couple themselves! After the two were seen standing close and sharing giggles at their older siblings’ spring wedding, the tabloids were ablaze with speculation about whether we may have another royal “item” on our hands this summer!

No. 1: Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez and Justin BieberSelena Gomez and Justin Bieber

While Justin and Selena’s blossoming relationship has got some of his fans steaming mad, we think this cute couple may just stand a chance of lasting through the summer…and beyond! So far this summer, they’ve been to Hawaii and spent Memorial Day weekend with Justin’s fam in Canada!

HAVE YOUR SAY: Are you crushin' on anyone this summer? What do you think about summer love? Let us know by leaving your comment below!

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