Dear Dish-It: Summer Romance

I love music asks: “I really like this guy and he likes me, too. How do we stay connected over the summer?” Back to Article

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MonasYou wrote:
2013-12-30 21:12:24 -0800


imagination44 wrote:
2013-04-18 16:29:23 -0700

i have boyfriend and we always stay connected over break (it's not always face 2 face) but not 24/7 I love him to peices but, being alone sometimes is good. She'll be fine.

kepob7890 wrote:
2012-09-30 08:34:24 -0700

ok wat i do is call him and text but dont over do it becouse if u do he will think that u dont trust him

southern angel
southern angel wrote:
2012-08-04 01:19:15 -0700

i got a boyfriend that lives in a different city and we talk every day.

dolphinsrkewl10 wrote:
2012-07-30 18:38:16 -0700

I think u should text each other, but not overdo it... & when u c each other again, u will be close... idk!

bubblegumsticks wrote:
2012-07-08 19:56:00 -0700

Over the summer, I have develop a crush over my neighbor. He is tall and adorable. I love him it it's crazy. I'm so shy and he seems a lot older.

cheer0805 wrote:
2012-03-13 19:43:12 -0700

ita always going to be hard to stay connected specially when were teenagers, but shes right , but if u really like the guy/girl you would make the ffets to make yall relationship or thing yall have going on , conntinues

nelliecutie99 wrote:
2012-03-12 14:45:07 -0700

I agree, not much help, am i?

pixie britney
pixie britney wrote:
2012-01-29 18:58:03 -0800

Ask him for his number and tell him you want it so you can talk to him over the summer. Or you can video chat with him over the summer or tell him to meet you some were.

cha00 wrote:
2012-01-19 16:30:31 -0800

yip she is right

pjc pjc
pjc pjc wrote:
2012-01-19 14:35:14 -0800

aw how sweet

blinkie wrote:
2012-01-18 21:01:54 -0800

AW! anyway like get hes number! Or if he lives by you see him a couple of times in the week

Milliemoon wrote:
2012-01-18 11:31:41 -0800


#Unknown-Jenna_1866539 wrote:
2011-10-21 20:04:56 -0700

Happened tooo meee but we still talkk soo its all cool

anna wus here
anna wus here wrote:
2011-09-04 09:22:41 -0700

i nt suer relationship it neva eva works out

Sleepyhead wrote:
2011-09-04 09:20:54 -0700

i had the same problem but now school is back in session how come i couldnt find this over the summer!!! ugh dumb me!

K.F.C wrote:
2011-08-30 14:50:44 -0700

Well you can downlode one of those video chatting programs.....That's what i do with mine and my friends and it really keeps us in touch

peacegurl7801 wrote:
2011-08-27 12:31:37 -0700

mellowlax:haahaha ikr lol

mellowlax wrote:
2011-08-27 08:50:37 -0700

what the hek is this grease or something

cici green
cici green wrote:
2011-08-20 21:29:25 -0700


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Dear Dish-It in the forums

Dear Dish-It
Dear Dish-It posted in Friends:
Hi there! My most important advice would be to be yourself! live your life! do the things you want to do. If you've moved past what happened with your feelings for one another, just go and enjoy your time. If things are weird, it'll be because of her, not you. Stay positive and calm and I'm sure you'll have fun!   Hope you have a good time!
reply about 6 hours
cargirl296 posted in Style:
I think that rubber band bracelets are totally in right now. And they are easy to make on a loom! Head scarves are also in as well. Hope you found this helpful!
reply about 9 hours
Dear Dish-It
Wow! This sounds so frustrating! Maybe talk to your mom about what's going on. Ask her why she's doing it. She might just be worried about your safety online. More and more there are unsafe people talking to kids on the internet. I'm sure your mom just has your best interest at heart. See if you two can agree on how to keep you safe online!   Good luck!
reply about 9 hours
Bloody Wings
Bloody Wings posted in Friends:
ignore her be the cool kind of guy dont talk to her even if she comes and talk with you. well thats my opinion
reply about 13 hours
FloraTheWolf posted in Friends:
One thing that I have noticed is that a lot of people seem to think they should have a boyfriend or a girlfriend as soon as possible, but they don't need to until its the right time just for them. You don't have to be forced to fall in love with someone if you don't want to. Let love come in its own time. And to keep away from any problems with her if she may become mean, try just forgetting about what happened and treat her like a normal person you know, and try to avoid any arguments. If she becomes mean, maybe just walk away for a bit. And if she is still being mean, maybe confront her asking what you have ever done to make her this way towards you. If you have done nothing, then she will have no reason to be mad at you so its not your problem she is being mean so you don't have to be stressed about it. I hope this helps! :)
reply about 13 hours