Kidzworld needs YOU to fight cyber bullying

Yesterday Facebook and Time Warner announced a new initiative to combat cyber bullying, one of the growing and most vicious trends to plague young (and in some cases grown up) people. It can be anonymous or public but either way is hurtful and even dangerous. Back to Article

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lil keke123
lil keke123 wrote:
2011-07-19 15:04:12 -0700

in the u.s there where 5 deaths if the cyberbulling keeps happening more deaths are going to come along we do not need this i'm trying to make people stop and if ur one of the cyber bullies reading this u are one of the most sadest people and ya'll are cyber bulling just becuz people are more sucessful and beautiful then u are and that is a very sad thing to do i hope i can stop this cyber- bulling before this gets outta hand

lil keke123
lil keke123 wrote:
2011-07-19 14:58:29 -0700

stop cyber-bulling itz not good

lil keke123
lil keke123 wrote:
2011-07-19 14:56:54 -0700

cyberbulling is not a good thing

lil keke123
lil keke123 wrote:
2011-07-19 14:55:40 -0700

who ever is saying cyber bulling is a good thing itz really
not we are losing to many lives and people are dying u don't even know halfy how people feel when they get bullied like this it cuases death people are giving death theits (sorry if spelled wrong) but how would u feel if somebody told u
to die (mad)

Fantasy_Girl wrote:
2011-07-19 14:33:07 -0700

cyberbullying is a great way to teach people of all kinds of ages that words can hurt and u need to stop because you wouldn't want nobody saying mean things to you on the interent where a lot of people can see it

lilmammabadchickswager_1843483 wrote:
2011-07-19 14:28:52 -0700

lol i feel u

Tkwon_Do wrote:
2011-07-19 13:59:41 -0700

Well I think cyber-bullying is great it helps the person who getting bullied man and fight for whats right.

Tkwon_Do wrote:
2011-07-19 13:58:29 -0700

who cares about cyberbullying i aint no bully but these people need to man up and fight

%$(jus saying)$% XD

Pinkdiamond wrote:
2011-07-19 13:33:48 -0700


may gold
may gold wrote:
2011-07-19 10:01:38 -0700

I have no clue why people bully others online when I very much guarantee that they wouldn't want it happeni-ing to them.

may gold
may gold wrote:
2011-07-19 09:55:41 -0700

I don't even understand why people are cyber- bullying people anyway when I guarantee that t-hey wouldn't want it happening to them.

gcluver13 wrote:
2011-07-18 16:33:22 -0700

I hate cyber bullying!! Everyone who is doing it stop it right NOW!!! >Frown

princessmathgirl wrote:
2011-07-18 16:08:12 -0700

I agree, I actually experienced it, but I was able to handle it because I kept a positive attitude, but it does hurt though.

Kaitlyn1998 wrote:
2011-07-18 12:45:50 -0700

Just tell em I do O.o

zaylaG wrote:
2011-07-18 12:43:53 -0700

omg this is bad and we all should stop it now

winnywind wrote:
2011-07-18 12:43:52 -0700


AMYdoublethebeauty12 wrote:
2011-07-18 12:20:26 -0700

wow................just stay off the website its not that hard n wen they say something bounce back at them, make them kno wat it feels like...

bambam2018 wrote:
2011-07-18 10:45:30 -0700

wow i hate cyberullying i just watched this movie called cyberbully on abc family last night its horible what the internaet can do to you Frown

cuterights wrote:
2011-07-17 20:19:58 -0700

i hate cyber bulling!

Teya134 wrote:
2011-07-17 08:00:52 -0700

There Disgusting ...If They Have To Do That To Make Them Selfs Laugh Or Be Happy ....Its Just Not Right!

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Thanks for the support!! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
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daredog posted in Family Issues:
Thanks! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D it's good to know you don't mind! I think I might have lost a friend though... I asked Peter444 and he said he doesn't support gays... I hope he knew what I meant..... :) anyway thanks for the support! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
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