Captain America Can Relate to Being a Wimp!

Kidzworld is in Beverly Hills talking with studly dude of the moment Chris Evans who looks really hot and “manly-man” in a green plaid “lumberjack” shirt and jeans. Back to Article

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 ♥HummingBirdHeartbeat ♥
♥HummingBirdHeartbeat ♥ wrote:
2011-09-10 23:53:36 -0700

Chris Evans Is Very Very Hott. [:

ShayyStar922 wrote:
2011-07-31 15:10:08 -0700

You 'll enjoy it ! smile

ShayyStar922 wrote:
2011-07-31 15:09:33 -0700

This movie was awesome ! .. If you didn't see it yet I'm sure you'll enjoy it !

Crazy4Selly wrote:
2011-07-31 11:31:53 -0700

I saw This Movie!!! It Was Kewl To Me But The Good Guys( like captain America) always have to fraking win!!! Annoyedamp;

ethans girl friend
ethans girl friend wrote:
2011-07-22 09:55:39 -0700

i want to see that also smile

Crazy4Bieber wrote:
2011-07-19 16:04:20 -0700

i wanna see that movie!!! Big Grin

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raeraelol posted in Celebs:
oh my goodness he is so adorable and an amazing actor i think he has got a bigger future ahead of him then just what he is doing now i mean he just has complete pure talent :) 
reply about 3 hours
raeraelol posted in Celebs:
oh my goodness im  Channing Tatum all the way 
reply about 3 hours
raeraelol posted in Celebs:
I would personally say Twilight because the hunger games is good but like it takes too long to get into "The Hunger Games" part where they hurt each other and stuff so yeah :) This forum was awesome btw :) 
reply about 3 hours
Cute_Rosa456 posted in TV Shows:
Hey ppl don't you think it was weird how evermoor went off like that I really dont like the ending how about you how did you like the ending
reply about 4 hours
HappyBaker posted in Celebs:
I would so choose Hunger Games. They're awesome
reply about 4 hours