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Skyler Day: My Dad’s a Spy? No Way!

Aug 05, 2011

By: Lynn Barker

Kidzworld is with the star of the new NBC family movie “Who is Simon Miller?”

Okay, here’s the haps on the homefront. Your dad is supposed to be a geologist traveling the world to handle problems for oil companies but, you find out he’s actually a James Bondish spy! Kida cool but, hey, you’re pretty ticked off. Dad’s a liar as well as never home and his real job has endangered your whole family!'

This is the scenario in the NBC movie “Who is Simon Miller” airing this coming Sunday. We asked Skyler Day, who plays the spy’s smart teen daughter Sarah, for info her the TV movie shoot. Skyler played Maggie Ritter on Nick’s “Gigantic” series and her passion equal to acting is singing and songwriting in a modern pop/country style. The actress could often be seen on set in Montreal playing her guitar and serenading the cast and crew between scenes. 

Kidzworld: Has it been your experience that secrets within a family are never a good idea? This family has a huge secret!

  • Skyler Day: Absolutely. I think it's best to be one hundred percent honest with everyone, especially family. I'm not saying it's easy but it's definitely the best way to go.

Kidzworld: You are all over Europe in the film but I’ve been to Montreal and recognized some of the buildings. Did you shoot there?

  • Skyler: You guessed it. We shot everything in Montreal. It is such an amazing place! I loved shooting there.

Kidzworld: Sarah saves her family at times because she can speak French or Spanish? Can you really speak those languages and, if not, did you just learn those lines only?

  • Skyler: Nope! (Don’t speak those languages). I just learned a little French and Spanish for the film. Now that I have had a taste of both languages I want to learn them! "Simon Miller" has inspired me.

Kidzworld: You have a brother. Is he a tech head like the one in the film or maybe you are the techie one?

  • Skyler: No. My twin brother, Dalton, and I aren't really techies. We would both take a guitar over a computer or a video game any day. (Note: the two perform music together).

Kidzworld: As a musician, who is your favorite band or fave musical artist?

  • Skyler: AHH! That's so hard! Miranda Lambert, Jewel and The Band Perry are my favorites right now.

Kidzworld: Is this film set up to be a series... spy family? It seems it might at the end… like “Spy Kids” with older kids?

  • Skyler: Yeah! How cool would that be to have a show about a spy family?! It would be awesome!

Kidzworld: What must a guy just never do on a first date with you or he won't get a second date?

  • Skyler: Easy. He HAS TO BE a GENTLEMAN! If the guy isn't a gentleman then there definitely won't be a second date. He should pick me up and hold the door for me, stuff like that. I think little things like that are really important.

Kidzworld: We agree! Overall, your character really uses her smarts to help save her mom and family.  Are you planning on going to college at some point?

  • Skyler: I don't have any plans to go to college right now. I'm really focused on my acting, singing and song writing. I want to make sure I put all of my energy into those things because that's what I want to do for the rest of my life.

Kidzworld: Well, you are still smart! Why will teens really enjoy tuning in this Sunday for "Who is Simon Miller?"

  • Skyler: First of all, it's a lot of fun! Secondly, everyone can relate to it. I think we have all been in situations where things get a little crazy and our strength is tested. The Millers are definitely put the test in this film but they learn that all they need, to get through it all, is each other.

Kidzworld: What will we next see you in?

  • Skyler: I will be guest starring on "The Closer", September 5th.




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