International Friendship Day

Each year, International Friendship Day falls on the first Sunday of August and – you guessed it – it’s all about celebrating your BFFs! Find out more about this special holiday right here on Kidzworld! Back to Article

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JennyD wrote:
2013-10-09 16:23:32 -0700

this passed........

catsrcute9 wrote:
2013-08-10 07:29:26 -0700

well i have friends but their parents r not right when it comes 2 parenting

jackson12 wrote:
2013-08-10 06:58:40 -0700

itz ok if you belive in yourself you will get bff & GF & BF just belive in yourself

catsrcute9 wrote:
2013-08-09 21:48:13 -0700

not like i have a bff

yaverleaf11 wrote:
2013-08-09 21:43:16 -0700

Aw, crap. I missed it. Tongue Out

junior mod
hugebear wrote:
2013-08-07 10:43:36 -0700

happy late friendship day Big Grin

princess_cutie12 wrote:
2013-08-07 07:40:33 -0700

in india its 4th july

Baby260 wrote:
2013-08-06 09:28:21 -0700

Happy Friendship day. Smile Nose

asalina_putri wrote:
2013-08-05 02:11:28 -0700

actually it's yesterday in my country. but happy friendship day smile

princesslollypoppy11 wrote:
2013-08-05 00:42:46 -0700


princesslollypoppy11 wrote:
2013-08-05 00:42:35 -0700

happy friend ship

wonderface127 wrote:
2013-08-04 21:21:49 -0700

well than happy late friendship day smile

Denai101 wrote:
2013-08-04 20:37:20 -0700

I like the holiday name!!!

report wrote:
2013-08-04 20:23:35 -0700

@thinkdeeplyandlove- haha

-ThinkDeeplyAndLove- wrote:
2013-08-04 20:22:15 -0700 mmm gurl

report wrote:
2013-08-04 20:21:05 -0700

@-thinkdeeplyandlove- Heck yeah!

-ThinkDeeplyAndLove- wrote:
2013-08-04 20:19:28 -0700 from australia smile

report wrote:
2013-08-04 20:18:22 -0700

@-thinkdeeplyandlove- My Bestest Sister friend!!!!

-ThinkDeeplyAndLove- wrote:
2013-08-04 20:17:09 -0700 *cough cough* so what am i now?

report wrote:
2013-08-04 20:14:18 -0700

@Blind Faith I agree with you... I have no one... xD

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  • No way. A.J. doesn't deserve to be Sindy's friend.
  • Maybe if they both apologize for how they acted.

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