Scooby-Doo Mystery Inc S1V3 Clips

The all-new Scooby-Doo TV show has been reinvented for a hipper, savvy generation who likes their mysteries like Scooby and Shaggy like their pizza….Spicy with extra sauce. Watch these clips from Scooby-Doo Season 1 Episode 3! Back to Article

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innocentgirl145 wrote:
2011-09-26 01:24:20 -0700

i love it.

lilly lovebug2703
lilly lovebug2703 wrote:
2011-09-25 18:30:20 -0700

scooby doo is alright

Roit wrote:
2011-09-23 14:06:49 -0700

soooooooooooooo kewl

JustinBieberTwinSis wrote:
2011-09-23 14:05:47 -0700

luv itt

goosebumps_fan189 wrote:
2011-09-23 14:01:54 -0700

scooby doo is awesome

Persefinie wrote:
2011-09-23 13:57:12 -0700

MG I LOVE SCOOBY DOO! i watch it all the time! i even have a poster of them and a stuffed animal of cute scooby!

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  • Fred.

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just once
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Well, the electric chair because the power is out, but close enough.
reply 29 minutes
"DakotaBlue" wrote:why didn't the skeleton cross the street? he didn't have any guts. HA....HA......ha I've got one. The skeleton wanted to go to prom, but he had no body to dance with :3
reply 38 minutes
"noordinarygirl" wrote:You're lost on a dark, stormy night. Upon wandering around and inspecting your surroundings, you come upon an old house and enter. It seems to be abandoned, at least for now. You try to turn on the lamp, but the power is out. You explore the house.Several of the doors are locked, and there seem to be no beds, couches, or any other furniture to sit on. At last you come to a room that is not locked. You open the door and see something you did not expect.The room is bare save for three chairs. One has knives embedded in it, one is an electric chair, and the other one is swarmed with spiders. You are tired after searching for a place to stay and desire to sit and rest. Which chair do you choose? The electric chair cuz it won't kill you unless you flip a switch lol
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"-Karpov-" wrote:That's definitely not correct. Half of a and half of v puts it closer to gr than ty, not the center. 3 letters in from the start and the end = v   ... Maybe I jumped the gun on that one. *shame*
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