Magic the Gathering: Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012 :: PC Game Review

Are you ready for the ultimate collectible card game? Duels of the Planeswalkers has arrived! Read Kidzworld's review for more details. Back to Article

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jocuri wrote:
2011-11-14 08:19:48 -0800

The games is cool but it sometimes gets boring

alien zombie vampire killer
alien zombie vampire killer wrote:
2011-10-02 12:10:56 -0700

I luv this game to its so cool

alien zombie vampire killer
alien zombie vampire killer wrote:
2011-10-02 11:58:41 -0700

i think the same thing bro

Persefinie wrote:
2011-09-26 18:38:08 -0700

i luv this game and i adore pc games!

CuriousJake wrote:
2011-09-26 16:27:24 -0700

I'm not a fan of these kinds of games, but anything that's on steam is fine with me.

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  • My friends!
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  • A pro player, I could beat 'em!
  • My mom or dad, that would be cool.

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