Puss and Kitty; Ah, the Adventure and Romance!

Kidzworld finds out from Antonio Banderas and Salma Hayak what makes the “Puss in Boots” couple so hot! Back to Article

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RozenMaiden(: wrote:
2011-12-11 17:27:17 -0800

I thought the movie was going to be really bad, like some horrible remake of like shrek, but i loved it when i went to see it. its an adorable, hilarious movie!!! (:

Avril_Lavigne_Emo_1852098 wrote:
2011-10-31 14:12:33 -0700

HaHa! I am so watching that movie!

Shabree123 wrote:
2011-10-31 13:37:59 -0700

i love puss

awsomegirl10 wrote:
2011-10-25 16:12:44 -0700

that movie looks sooo cute!

cool3559 wrote:
2011-10-25 14:29:54 -0700

this going to b the best movie in 2011 Big Grin
Wink smile

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mines Gaara and Temari (i think gaaras obvius :p)
reply 14 minutes
Three Brothers were stranded on an island. They found a lamp.  1st brother: Hey! Maybe this is a magic lamp like the movies. They rubbed it. Nothing happened. They tried again. Nothing. They tried and tried again, until almost all hope was pulled from their very hearts. 2nd brother: Maybe we will be stuck here forever 3rd brother: Yeah 1st brother: Nonsense! There has to be another way Fortunately the lamp was just delayed. Very very delayed. Something appeared. It had legs, It couldn't be a genie Unknown creature: Hello. It is the genie. 1st brother:You don't look lik- Genie: Enough! Each of you have one wish. 1st brother: I wish to go home. His wish was granted. Home he went. 2nd brother: I wish to go home with my brother. 2 down, 1 to go. 3rd brother: I wish my brothers were here so I'm not lonely.
reply about 5 hours
My mom used it in the firepit
reply about 7 hours
-Gwen42-- posted in Celebs:
No they shouldn't.
reply about 7 hours
-Gwen42-- posted in Movies:
I would love a Frozen Part 2!
reply about 7 hours