Dear Dish-It: I Might Get Detention

Ilovemyboyfriend asks: “What’s detention like? I might get one and I’m scared!” Back to Article

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sexy girl oncutesteert
sexy girl oncutesteert wrote:
2012-03-20 18:07:26 -0700

My teacher gave me detention,so i went to her desk took the paper ripped it up threw it in the trash and told her to send me to ISS

swaggurlxxd wrote:
2012-03-20 18:04:43 -0700

i skipped my detention today

DivaGirl219 wrote:
2012-03-20 17:57:28 -0700

Got Dention beffore its not that bad all you got to do is sit in there quietly do homework or read a book or something. If can be fun if you have a teacher that dont care about nothing and you can have a bunch of fun.

PrettyGurlSawgger wrote:
2012-03-20 17:52:59 -0700

WOW!!!!!!!!!! I have more the ten times!!!!!!!!!! Frustrated

brunostar wrote:
2012-03-20 17:44:14 -0700

i got a in school suspenion for ditiching class and when the teacher found me and my friend i refused to go to the office then she got the principal and i did some other stuff i shouldnt have done i was in the office for 4andahalf hours

i luv xavier
i luv xavier wrote:
2012-03-20 17:43:58 -0700


brunostar wrote:
2012-03-20 17:43:45 -0700

i loveeeeeeeeeee doing all that i love in school suspensions

brunostar wrote:
2012-03-20 17:43:07 -0700

i got a in school suspenion for ditiching class and when the teacher found me and my friend i refused to go to the office then she got the principal and i did some other stuff i shouldnt have done i was in the office for 4andahalf hours

brunostar wrote:
2012-03-20 17:40:12 -0700

detntions at my school are awesome the princpal runs it and i ether listen to music or annoy him by saying is it time to got yet every 5mins he dosnt really care he just ignores it i loveeeeeeeeee my principal

scenegoesrawr wrote:
2012-03-15 17:33:47 -0700

in my school, your detention is usually for something really dumb. our vice principle doesnt allow writing on yourself. he makes up stupid rules,and the principle doesnt even know about it! for detention, you get your lunch, you go into the health room, and you sit there for all lunch and recess. i have never had detention, but my friends have. so ya.

camogirl33 wrote:
2012-03-15 16:55:56 -0700

im in detention right now

doggygyrl214 wrote:
2012-03-15 16:54:53 -0700

I hate it in my school it is called ISS(in school suspension)4 my friend taking my phone out and I refused to give it to the teacher and I wanted to kill her but she gave me chocolate and koolaid today lol

mainmuffin wrote:
2012-03-15 16:50:20 -0700

I almost got a bus referel for no reason! I hate the bus driver... >Frown

kermitthefrog wrote:
2012-03-15 16:37:10 -0700

Read for an hour . . . and the downside is?

Munchkin wrote:
2012-03-13 10:39:07 -0700

Been close to detention a few times for wearing make-up but haven't had a detention....Yet Cool

nikki842 wrote:
2012-03-10 18:12:14 -0800

I alwayss ghet detetionn itss becomee a regularr part of mii schedule itss wat I doo I get detention fromm fights.foodfights.cussin.talkinn back too dha teacher.runnin inn dhaa hallway.etc I would goo on bhut I don't hav dhat kind ov timee

cutepoppet wrote:
2012-03-10 11:00:08 -0800

detenion sucks

I'venever been in 1 but u can can tell it dos

HelloSmurf wrote:
2012-03-10 08:34:40 -0800

Never got an detention in my whole life!!! smile

Mz. Chinabear2011
Mz. Chinabear2011 wrote:
2012-03-09 14:50:19 -0800

Detention is wat i do....n love to fight

sunnybubbles101 wrote:
2012-03-09 06:34:32 -0800

always have it lol xxxx

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Worst Thing About Detention?

  • The silence.
  • Being stuck at school for an extra hour.
  • Missing my after-school TV shows.
  • Nothing - I don't mind detention.

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