Dear Dish-It: My Friend Owes Me Money

UOME asks: “My friend asks to borrow $5 every time I see him. I feel mean saying no to him, but he already owes me $20 from before! What should I do?” Back to Article

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lyric2000 wrote:
2012-01-28 08:27:35 -0800

Boo thats not rite but I cant say anything cause I do it all tha time

2qute4u190 wrote:
2012-01-27 04:03:21 -0800

dont be scared to ask 4 ur money cuz i bet if u took money from ur frend he wud b buqqin u evryday

GeekChic wrote:
2012-01-22 22:16:35 -0800

i say get your frekin money back!!!!!!!

dark_angel122 wrote:
2012-01-22 08:58:17 -0800

i never let my friends borrow money becuz i know that they wouldn't pay me back !

boyfayden10 wrote:
2012-01-21 12:07:25 -0800

My bff tries to bribe me so what should i do

myacakes wrote:
2012-01-20 08:59:28 -0800

i gave money 2 my bff and well it didnt go well she owes me she spent it on rubbish and she owes me like 10 pounds

zoey_wants_you wrote:
2012-01-14 15:22:02 -0800

i gave my friend 25 dollars to go to the mall with so she could buy her sister something for her brithday and when she came back she had a new pair of shoe's and a shoulder bag and she brought nothing for her sister

TiannaG0dsAng3l wrote:
2012-01-13 19:08:52 -0800

nylia who u talking tew

awsumgirlmariah wrote:
2012-01-13 18:39:05 -0800

gosh, ihave that problem too, 3 of my friends were asking for money! they didn't pay me back! Sad Cool

Nylia21 wrote:
2012-01-13 18:22:51 -0800

all yall have to do is just fuu at them in a nice way.....

Nylia21 wrote:
2012-01-13 18:20:57 -0800

girl a dollar...............WOW!

tayundrea1 wrote:
2012-01-13 17:58:42 -0800

my cusion deAisa owes me money i gave her a dollor at school and my friend diego that stupied fool owes me $30

Lifted wrote:
2012-01-13 15:50:12 -0800


pooda5667 wrote:
2012-01-13 15:48:08 -0800

i wauld had mi money by now!!!trust me!

TiannaG0dsAng3l wrote:
2012-01-13 13:48:07 -0800

uh... my friend owns my a dollar cause i brought her a sneaker n she Neva gave it baqk n i dont go to that school nomoe so im mad into this day ! Mad

Makiee wrote:
2012-01-09 14:23:40 -0800

Uh Yesh My Imouto :3 VERY Muchness Yesh!

Ashiee11 wrote:
2012-01-09 14:22:00 -0800

U talkin bout me??? XD

Makiee wrote:
2012-01-09 14:02:38 -0800

Heh.. My friend owes me a little, I would just ask them to stop asking for money unless they're going to pay you back SOON. If they don't in like 1 month or so, You should talk to them about it.

Kurai Tenshi
Kurai Tenshi wrote:
2012-01-09 13:28:30 -0800

Meh. . . My friends GIVE me money. . .they force it down my throat. . . Bleah, rich peoplez. . .

Devil Jin_Evil
Devil Jin_Evil wrote:
2012-01-09 13:16:35 -0800

My friends always barrow money from me....i usually get paid back...

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