Dear Dish-It: My Girlfriend Puts Herself Down

TheBoyfriend asks: “My girlfriend is the most amazing ever: she’s smart, funny and treats people really well. But she always puts herself down and it’s driving us apart; what can I do?” Back to Article

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justicegirly wrote:
2012-03-22 18:11:45 -0700

Every one is pretty in its own way

hanlol77544 wrote:
2012-03-22 01:38:21 -0700

know 1 cares who i am or wat i do so y should i care if i muk something up??

queen a
queen a wrote:
2012-03-21 19:48:40 -0700

everyone is beautiful n their own way!(;

Melona:)_2035138 wrote:
2012-03-21 19:47:58 -0700

iM uGLY:?

queen a
queen a wrote:
2012-03-21 19:42:17 -0700

this is true lots of girls these days do this...

HelloThere1011 wrote:
2012-03-21 13:53:32 -0700

That's a nice thing to do

Cute Fluffy Puppies 2000
Cute Fluffy Puppies 2000 wrote:
2012-03-21 05:23:05 -0700

I act this way.......I don't know why I do...... smile

Azn_gurl02 wrote:
2012-03-21 03:34:23 -0700


Daniel.Loves.Yhew wrote:
2012-03-20 20:25:55 -0700

girls are too freaking complicated

Aly is sweet:)_1678708
Aly is sweet:)_1678708 wrote:
2012-03-20 20:25:09 -0700

so true cuz i act this way too all the time

Aly is sweet:)_1678708
Aly is sweet:)_1678708 wrote:
2012-03-20 20:24:16 -0700

oh wow this is me rite here cuz i think im not THT goodlookin but everyone thinks and says im crazy 4 thinking tht way

BabiiGirlShae wrote:
2012-03-20 19:31:29 -0700

sometimes i cant help it

BabiiGirlShae wrote:
2012-03-20 19:26:06 -0700

i aint gone lie i have done it before n i sometimes do it every now n den

lovesong 21
lovesong 21 wrote:
2012-03-20 19:23:57 -0700

ur well u doint let anyone put u down

Emosky490 wrote:
2012-03-20 19:23:51 -0700

tell me one thing.............why r u still talking about this????????

Princewifey 123
Princewifey 123 wrote:
2012-03-20 19:23:15 -0700

i never put my self down

X_Swagga_X wrote:
2012-03-20 19:22:16 -0700

@lovemehatemeidontcare thats so true if people waste there time telling you yout ugly that there opinion don't trip over haters

lovemehatemeidontcare_1844975 wrote:
2012-03-20 19:21:25 -0700

Yeah, your perfect just the way you are. And you don't need to change to please ANYONE!!!!

sachielol wrote:
2012-03-20 19:21:14 -0700

there no point in putting your self down for no reason

diamondluvsyew wrote:
2012-03-20 19:21:09 -0700

ty i dnt fell like it

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Ask google.. :D
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Why would u wanna talk to a guy? Most of them are inmature and gross / im not though
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My "best friend" for two years told me she wasn't coming to my birthday party because she had plans. I told her when the party was 2 months ago and she OK. Now its 4 days away and she says she isn't going because she has plans with her boyfriend. She is my best friend! Shes like my sister! and to know that she picked her boyfriend over me hurts. She is the worst friend ever! What do I do?
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american_brit posted in Friends:
"animefreakXD" wrote: "american_brit" wrote: "animefreakXD" wrote: guys are the bomb! They're my best friends! I can talk to them like a normal person, but more because you don't have to worry about them gossiping! :D Haha XD You haven't seen some of the guys at my school...  Really, you should just be yourself. Don't try too hard thinking about the right things to say and the right way to act.  That's when you fumble and mess up. Be natural! Be yourself! And relax! You might blush a bit or feel embarrassed, but that is OKAY. I promise you'll survive.  Yeah, guys can be confusing, but they're human too! :) Wow. Shocker, right? :P Talk to them as you would anybody else ^-^
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american_brit posted in Friends:
"amethystdances" wrote: I know, but its embarrassing. -sigh- That it is, but you'll be okay. If you don't know what to say, sometimes it's best to not say anything at all, you know? We don't all have the same personalities. We're not all amazing conversationalists (I'm talking about you Lex! Thanks by the way. We can always find something to talk about ^-^)  -and no one can expect from us. I'll say it again, be yourself. That's all anyone can ask of you -and if they don't like that... too bad! You deserve nothing more than friends (and possibly a friend? * wink wink * Sorry!!! ) who accept you just the way you are -and love for it.
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