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Beauty and the Beast 3D Movie Review

Beauty and the Beast 3D Movie Review - Reviewed by Kidzworld on Jan 14, 2012
( Rating: 4 Star Rating)

Disney’s animated classic Beauty and the Beast has returned to the big screen in 3D! Released in 1991, this fairytale stole audience’s hearts-who can forget the dancing dishware and enchanted castle! Find out more in the Kidzworld movie review.

Belle learns to love the Beast when he treats her kindlyBelle learns to love the Beast when he treats her kindly

Bookish Beauty

Belle is the bookworm daughter of Maurice, a kooky inventor in a small French town. The whole town thinks Belle is strange (as you find out in the opening song), including the conceited yet adored Gaston who has set his sights on marrying her just because she’s the most beautiful girl in the village. Despite Gaston’s best efforts at wooing her, Belle isn’t interested.Instead of a muscle bound meathead and married life, she craves adventure!

Captured in a Castle

Long ago there was a prince who lived in a wonderful castle with many servants, but he was vain and uncaring, and when an enchantress disguised as a beggar came to the door looking for shelter offering a single rose, he turned her away. The enchantress then put a curse on the prince and the castle, turning him to a beast and his servants into enchanted objects.The prince has until the rose sheds all its petals to learn to love and make someone love him back.

Belle loves books and dreams of an adventure of her own!Belle loves books and dreams of an adventure of her own!

While riding his horse Phillipe to an invention fair in another town, Maurice loses his way in the night, the horse bolts and he runs to the castle to seek refuge from the dangerous wolves in the woods. Inside he’s greeted by lively objects, like the dashing candlestick Lumiere, the fussy clock Cogsworth, and welcoming teapot Mrs. Potts (voiced by Angela Lansbury). The Beast however wants no one to see him and is ashamed, he is furious at the sight of Maurice and throws him in a dungeon. When Phillipe returns to the house without Maurice, Belle goes searching for him in the castle, and tells the Beast that she will trade places with her father. Astonished, the Beast allows her father to leave if she agrees to stay forever as his prisoner!

Rose Romantics

The servants are delighted at Belle’s arrival, since it could mean breaking the curse on all of them, but even more important is teaching the Beast to control his temper and love. When Belle discovers the enchanted rose he becomes enraged and she flees, but becomes caught in the snow by vicious wolves. The Beast saves her and little by little proves his love for her, even letting her leave to help her father. Once the villagers know he exists, his life is in danger, and the rose is close to shedding all its petals. Will Belle say she loves him and will the castle defeat the angry mob of villagers? You’ll have to watch to find out!

Lumiere, Cogworth and Mrs. Potts get excited when Belle and the Beast play in the snowLumiere, Cogworth and Mrs. Potts get excited when Belle and the Beast play in the snow

The Bottom Line

When Beauty and the Beast was first released in 1991 it was applauded for its outstanding animation and adaptation of a classic French fairytale, but it’s the music and humor that truly stand out in this timeless tale. You’ll be singing “Be Our Guest”  and “Tale as Old as Time” the rest of the day! Unfortunately the 3D doesn’t add a lot to the film, and the animation isn’t as cutting edge as it once was, but this is still one of the best Disney animated films and worth seeing in the theater for the music and giggles alone. Be warned though, there are some scary parts, especially the wolves!

Beauty and the Beast Movie Rating: 4

Check out this clip from Beauty and the Beast!


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