Dear Dish-It: I Like My BFF’s Crush

jojo asks: “My BFF has a huge crush on this cool and cute guy, but I think he likes me. I’m starting to crush on him, too, but I’m scared it will ruin my friendship with my BFF. I feel so guilty … what should I do? I need them both!” Back to Article

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lonnie123 wrote:
2014-08-23 14:04:30 -0700

No not anymore I'm done with crushes for now until I can fine the one .

MuGhaL41 wrote:
2014-04-07 09:12:23 -0700

Tongue Out Tongue Out

brandy880 wrote:
2013-12-30 21:10:12 -0800

my bff is my dog#lonerlife

MonasYou wrote:
2013-12-30 21:08:45 -0800

That happened to me be4

thw11 wrote:
2013-12-04 11:39:11 -0800

I agree with veevee because if you wanna keep your bestfriend tell her and she may be alittle mad but she be alittle happy that you told her and didn't go to the boyfriend and tell him

Gr8fairy wrote:
2013-08-04 11:47:06 -0700

well just tell your bff that you like him too rather tha letting her find out for she will be angry and may decide to leave you.

kitarania wrote:
2013-08-04 03:43:49 -0700

it happens but then thing happen for a reason so maybe hes worth and maybe hes not

Vee-Vee wrote:
2013-07-12 10:46:29 -0700

In my opinion,if you want to keep your friend be honest with her...And let her know whats going on!!Or you will be stuck..Don't go messing around with her dude!!

shishi11 wrote:
2013-07-11 14:03:48 -0700

Just tell her that you like him too Love

OBEY_23 wrote:
2013-07-11 13:08:04 -0700

Dumbest thing I've ever seen.

pricetag wrote:
2013-07-11 12:56:15 -0700

i would never interfere!

toffeebiscuitgirl123 wrote:
2013-06-28 15:38:14 -0700

i did tht lol. i fancied a boy and he asked me out i said ys but i didnt fancy her

xXawesomeXx1000 wrote:
2013-03-04 05:17:58 -0800

then go behind her back. and floooor her!!!!!

lilmama_1246 wrote:
2012-12-31 19:21:04 -0800

Tell them both how you feel
Might as well tell them together or else if you do one at a time one gonna tell the other before you do

anderjac013 wrote:
2012-12-10 16:11:19 -0800

des commonts r pretty dam funny

sarah76 wrote:
2012-12-10 16:06:54 -0800


Site_Model_Tiffany_2328351 wrote:
2012-12-10 16:02:44 -0800

I Think If You Love Them Both And You Don't Want to Hurt Them, Then You Should Tell Them

holloween1 wrote:
2012-12-10 16:02:02 -0800

I like this kid named Mason Lloyd he is so cute

sarah76 wrote:
2012-12-10 15:58:40 -0800

Im in love with my bffs crush hes just sooo hot and hes irsh

Jo call
Jo call wrote:
2012-11-11 03:10:19 -0800

Just tell your friend

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Do Your Crushes Always Crush Back?

  • Yeah, my crushes always crush back.
  • Most of my crushes have felt the same way about me.
  • No - my crushes hardly ever feel the same way about me.
  • I've never really crushed on anyone.

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