Dear Dish-It: I Like My BFF’s Crush

jojo asks: “My BFF has a huge crush on this cool and cute guy, but I think he likes me. I’m starting to crush on him, too, but I’m scared it will ruin my friendship with my BFF. I feel so guilty … what should I do? I need them both!” Back to Article

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MegaPrettyGurl_2169065 wrote:
2012-08-17 09:54:36 -0700

lol haha this is so funny

2012-08-17 07:05:11 -0700

Lolololol xD

buttercup40001 wrote:
2012-08-15 22:05:00 -0700

Oink :P

Lizzaybabyy wrote:
2012-08-15 22:01:19 -0700

Woof x3

buttercup40001 wrote:
2012-08-15 21:49:33 -0700

Meow c:

Lizzaybabyy wrote:
2012-08-15 21:48:47 -0700


keonilove wrote:
2012-06-28 12:08:20 -0700

IMG! TO MOST PPLE IT HAPPENS A LOT IF SHES UR BFF IF U TALK TO HER SHEstood understand tell her dont get upset or anything! Frown sorry thaths all i can rrly say sorry Frown

FattyBaby34's wrote:
2012-06-28 09:31:06 -0700

what u sed

poodie_bear15_2093457 wrote:
2012-06-27 21:45:25 -0700

but i moved on tew bigger nd better boys now♥

poodie_bear15_2093457 wrote:
2012-06-27 21:45:07 -0700

lol i remeber wen i told mih bff bf but i dnt mean tew doe lmao!

pretty_in_pink11 wrote:
2012-06-25 20:33:02 -0700

If she was really your friend then if you told her she would understand and if she got mad at you then maybe it wasn't meant to be an everlasting friendship!!!

cherryblossom125 wrote:
2012-05-06 06:51:18 -0700

I rememba dat happend 2 me b4 mi bff liked a guy nd thyvstarted dating nd thn i liked him 2 nd i thought he liked me cuz he wuld always b watchin me nd laughin at Wat i say so i thought he liked me nd her but i tld mi bff ne she sed dats alrite cuz he wuz cute nd she understood nd if ur freind is a true freind she will understand

BellePrincessxoxoHoran_2101630 wrote:
2012-04-19 09:38:14 -0700

That happened to me either. i liked a guy but didnt told no one, after my friend told me she likes him and after i realised i like him very very much! so i told her and first she got angry but later she told me ''we are not gonna fight for a boy, he dont worths it!'' so we are together now! but when i talk to her about him she still a little jealous but idk...well just tell her the truth! by that way ur gonna see how true friend she is!

Princeton12345 wrote:
2012-04-16 13:56:30 -0700

Tell UR friend that U like him if she is truly UR
Friend she would understand that is what I did
When I liked a boy my BFF recently dumped she was made at me 4 a while then we became
Friends again

Hershey97 wrote:
2012-04-15 16:21:57 -0700

Just talk to your friend about it!! If she is a true friend, she will understand! smile

RunningAway. wrote:
2012-04-12 20:34:20 -0700

But it happens...

Boss.Baqqin.Nikkix3 wrote:
2012-04-12 20:30:08 -0700

F'ed Up Sh'dddd.

SweetBabe123 wrote:
2012-04-09 06:13:01 -0700

I tell my friend I really like that boy and you guys hang out alot but he dosnet hang out with me much.But when I am hanging out I am going to discuss about u liking him and me liking him and then go from there.Then see what the boy has to say.

Miss_Careless wrote:
2012-04-08 03:51:05 -0700

Me and my friend r havin that same problem rite this second.

uncover_the_real_me wrote:
2012-04-05 22:08:44 -0700

i have this same problem. but i try to fight my feelings and hang out with this other guy to make me forget him

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Do Your Crushes Always Crush Back?

  • Yeah, my crushes always crush back.
  • Most of my crushes have felt the same way about me.
  • No - my crushes hardly ever feel the same way about me.
  • I've never really crushed on anyone.

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rebelfeminist posted in Style:
Well you won't want to volunteer because that's unpaid.  Your profile says you're 11 which means you can't get a real job but you can babysit (you'll need first aid training for this), or you can pet sit or do yard work. Those are good jobs to have at your age.
reply about 3 hours
lawliet16 posted in Friends:
Maybe your overrating her personality while underrating yourself. Girls extremely like confident men so start working on your self esteem first because it stimulates interest to get to know you more especially on the romantic context and don`t forget to just be yourself so that you will know if she accept you to who you are and don`t let the "ideal boy" standard of the society bring you down. Remember that real happiness can be achieve when you are true to yourself so don`t mind what other people think of you and stop comparing yourself to the boys around her. Embrace your imperfections and wash away your insecurities and maybe she`ll like you back ;)
reply about 6 hours
Considering your age, it is normal that your parents might not accept it in case he likes you and the feeling is mutual and you must understand them. This is time when you need to focus in your studies and prepare for your future career and not for your future husband. You are still very young and trust me, you are still emotionally unprepared for this one heck of a roller coaster ride of emotions. Know the difference between loving that person and loving the feeling that you are in love. ;)
reply about 6 hours
peace16 posted in Friends:
Well I am happy that you off of them. 
reply about 7 hours
UnknownPoster posted in Friends:
"peace16" wrote:Oh man, I feel bad for you. I will sugguest rest it.. and when the 6 weeks of up. you can do whatever you want too do. Thanks. I am already back in school, I no longer have crutches thankfully. Also, i'd like to point out that they don't have social media, or at least, i'm not aware of it and I am out of school for two weeks for Christmas. Crushes are annoying lol. I have never been in a relationship either which makes things so much worst. 
reply about 7 hours