Dear Dish-It: I Want to Be Popular

Em asks: “I really want to be popular, but I’m not sure how! Can you help?” Back to Article

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dawn89d wrote:
2012-08-03 13:33:26 -0700

God shell fhesh much look at me I'm better then any one Im popular is that. All that mstterz

report wrote:
2012-08-03 13:33:15 -0700

im not sure if im popular but i can say i have a lot of friends

hottie01 wrote:
2012-08-03 13:28:45 -0700

Im already popular

Caitlin Love xD
Caitlin Love xD wrote:
2012-08-03 13:27:55 -0700

opps i spelled popular wrong /\ "(

Caitlin Love xD
Caitlin Love xD wrote:
2012-08-03 13:27:22 -0700

i am poular i am in the group as we call it ")

Cam:) wrote:
2012-08-03 13:25:24 -0700

Im popular at school

sorry_4_party_rockin wrote:
2012-08-03 13:23:22 -0700

dont like poupler

lolo1234 wrote:
2012-08-03 13:16:06 -0700

im popular when i go to school

ttyloxox123456 wrote:
2012-08-03 13:14:10 -0700


Amy.gots.swagg wrote:
2012-08-03 13:13:00 -0700

im kinda popular at school

swaqqamamma wrote:
2012-08-03 12:57:42 -0700

im my eyes you are what u make your self in school. iif you dont go and make your self known then how are you posta be popular.

SamWolfchick wrote:
2012-08-03 12:45:21 -0700

half the time when we get new kids, they become the shiny new toy that everyone wants to talk to. lol if u b yurself u will make tons of friends

angel love9876
angel love9876 wrote:
2012-08-03 12:43:47 -0700

Well i am but we not in da same grade

angel love9876
angel love9876 wrote:
2012-08-03 12:43:01 -0700

Man imabe a lame cuz ima be da new kid and im not going 2 da smae school as aal my friendsFrown

beautifulme40 wrote:
2012-08-03 12:41:29 -0700

U can behh popular in ur own cliques not jus the hot or pretty ppl

pretty2712 wrote:
2012-08-03 12:40:42 -0700


i.b.da.real.hava wrote:
2012-08-03 12:40:24 -0700

all da bois love me at school i been popular every sense i been in high school

mzlady134 wrote:
2012-08-03 12:38:35 -0700

who u tellin!

@dat_boi_deezy_2204119 wrote:
2012-08-03 12:37:49 -0700

summ people arent ment to b popular

jayiliyan wrote:
2012-08-03 12:33:05 -0700

im already popular

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Who's the Coolest Kid in Your School?

  • The sports star.
  • The head cheerleader.
  • The class president.
  • The class clown.

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Dear Dish-It in the forums

Break down her door, get all your stuff, smash a flower vase, trot out the door yelling "BYE FELICIA!" and don't forget the hair flip.  (: this is how I make friends and never lose any 
reply about 10 hours
Starflyamme posted in Friends:
So I have been best friends with this girl for six years, after Halloween she has not called me, answered my calls, or come over to my house (we live close to each other and go over to our houses all the time). I don't know why she hasn't talked to me and shes the type of person if you did something to make her mad she would tell you.  I don't want to call her (it may seem needy) but I have a bunch of her stuff at my house and I really just don't want them there anymore but I don't want to call her have a huge fight and avoid each other ( which would be really hard) forever.
reply about 10 hours
staystrong123 posted in Friends:
This is really true and sad... Many teens, have a problem with this because of society. This post helps. I have had problem with suicide and bullying. Ive felt like I should just end it because I have no point to be here because I'm being told I'm worthless, to fat, to dumb, not pretty enough, all tons of lies and i got to the point that i believe them. I'm an outsider in my school. It fells like a lot of people leave me.  I fell pain a lot. and There is bullying going on in my school. Life fell mean less a lot. I have to remind myself that I do have a point and that people do love me.  I know know I do have a reason to live and so do you guys so  Don't ruin you're life. You're to young.  You're to worthy. The bully are just jealous of you. Don't self harm tonight. Don't comment suicide. You all are worth A lot I promise. People love you. Don't worry about hatters. The hatter are gonna hate but lovers are there to help you trough the pain and if you did comment suicide imagine how they'd fell. Thanks for posting this it really helped me and really could've saved a life:) :) Bullies are just having problems themselves remember that!!!! Stay strong everyone!!!
reply about 12 hours
"supernaturalblackcat" wrote:I know i have depession and i have been to the doctor for it. It's starting to get to that point again for the 3rd time this year that i want to be alone. It feels like no one cares about me at school. I really can't trust anybody either. I started to quit eating at home and at school only eating snacks every now and then. I am also losing Weight. I used to get called fat and i wasn't even fat. I have been abused by people who say my butt is smexy and huge and it's not. I have even been slapped on by them. I tell my mom and dad that i've been called fat and my dad ignore's me and continues whatever he's doing. I'm getting to the point again where i'm losing my temper and emotions right on the spot. I can't be bipolar cause it has to run in the family and my mom says i don't have it. People get mad at me when i don't laugh at their jokes when they expect me too cause i really don't listen. But when i say something funny they roll their eyes and give me mean looks. I don't even want to be around people that much. I just want to be outside in the fresh air during school but it's high school so their's no outside time. I also fake smile's at people to make them happy. But i just hurt on the inside. I just want advice.  Hi there. I'm sure you have people who care about you at school, just sometimes it's hard to see it. Dear, you have to eat. I assure you, you're not fat. (smexy isn't necessarily a bad thing)  You have to understand, that people say things just because they can, or to make themselves feel better. Never give them that opportunity, just ignore them. When you're about to lose your temper, think of something that makes you really happy.  If you need someone to talk to, you have your guidance consular, trust me I have social anxiety, and reallly hate talking about my problems, I find it easier for me, to message them. It's their job to listen, but not only that, they really care for all of their students. Talking helps, believe me.
reply 1 day
"lion2a3" wrote:its beacause well people at shcool act like your friends but know deep inside i just dont have friendsand then theres bullies some picks on me for no the only place i can be myself KW so should i do suidce also im 11 No Ma'am you shouldn't. Things happen for a reason, normally to make others stronger. Trust me, nothing is worth taking your own life. If you need to talk I'm here, however I would suggest you talking to an adult.  Friends come and go. you have family, and if not, you have me, Trust me, it's not worth it. please, don't. 
reply 1 day