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PlayStation Vita: Hardware Review

PlayStation Vita: Hardware Review - Reviewed by Kidzworld on Mar 23, 2012
( Rating: 4 Star Rating)

The next generation handheld is finally here! But should you shell out for a PS Vita? Read our review and see!

The PlayStation Vita has been out for almost a month now, making it a good time to see whether the portable console is truly the next generation handheld or just some hype.

Hard on the Hardware

There were many promises made for the PlayStation Vita. It had to have great memory, graphics, price tag, and innovation. To its credit, the PS Vita really delivered. The handheld boasts two quad-core processors and a huge but crystal clear OLED screen. One of the big features of the handheld is that you can pick up your games from your PS3 and play it on the go. Despite moving games from the home console to the handheld, you can expect to see the same amazing graphics and process power no matter where you play.

Soft on the Software

Currently, there aren't too many games to enjoy on the PS Vita. Of the 25 launch games, you may find a handful that you enjoy. Most of these games are portable versions of already popular games, such as Little Big Planet, BlazBlue, Uncharted, Rayman, ModNation Racers, and Ninja Gaiden. However, the dual analog sticks, touch screen, rear touch pad, cameras, and microphones, gives plenty of opportunities for game developers to be creative and bring us great games. Look forward to more interesting releases in the future.

Is the PS Vita Vital?

For its price, the PS Vita offers an amazing gaming and entertainment experience. If you are a PlayStation fan, it is well worth it to grab one for yourself. However, if you are already carrying an iPhone or other electronics in your pocket, you may find little opportunity to take this handheld with you on the road. Overall, the PS Vita is a powerful gaming console that may not fit in everyone's life.

Have Your Say!

So are you excited about the PS Vita? Will you be buying it? What games are you looking forward to? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


Price: $249.99

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