Bully Movie Review

The shy kid who looks different, the girl who came out as gay, the teen who took a gun on the bus to fight back, the parents of two young people whose bullies drove them to suicide. These are the stories presented in the powerful new documentary film Bully. Back to Article

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mikirat242 wrote:
2013-12-22 16:25:38 -0800

People are so rude. I wanted to commit suicide because I was bullied because of my intelligence.

JennyD wrote:
2013-10-08 07:17:01 -0700

This is sad though I want to watch it

originalgirl wrote:
2013-10-06 22:39:02 -0700

I watched the movie. I cried a lot. I had wanted to watch this movie from the moment I'd heard of it, months before it came out. I protested the R rating. I was happy I watched the movie. VERY HAPPY.

animeloveryuki wrote:
2013-08-24 18:40:16 -0700

i know a girl at my school that has speech problems so i hang out with her every day at school i feel so sorry for her because people make of her

animeloveryuki wrote:
2013-08-24 18:33:33 -0700

what pisses me off is it that bullies don't even care what there doing

animeloveryuki wrote:
2013-08-24 18:30:37 -0700

this video makes me cry too

APHRussia wrote:
2013-08-24 18:26:38 -0700

this is just so sad

animeloveryuki wrote:
2013-08-24 18:24:03 -0700

i'm crying right now just reading these there so sad

Joanna091298 wrote:
2012-11-03 10:24:50 -0700

You know whats sad, when teachers don't help
you when you're being bullied!

Ninjagirl No.1
Ninjagirl No.1 wrote:
2012-10-30 16:06:47 -0700

This is such a sad movie!I really wanted to throw my shoe at the bullies D:

jayjay288 wrote:
2012-09-24 16:50:29 -0700

I think bullies r just jealous of other people

doctorbrownie wrote:
2012-09-21 16:11:04 -0700

it's so sad that people decide to bully

AinsleyXOXO wrote:
2012-09-08 17:30:11 -0700

Sometimes I just want to scream at the top of my lungs at the bullies asking "WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO PEOPLE?! WHY?! YOU CAN JUST LEAVE THEM ALONE OR DRIVE A BULLY VICTIM INTO KILLING HIM/HERSELF! STOP BULLYING PEOPLE! IT'S WRONG!". Why do people even bully others? The victim can face serious problems, yet you bullies out there don't even give a poop about it! Please, just leave bully victims alone, and quit your bullying.

Emosky490 wrote:
2012-06-26 11:08:37 -0700

do it and you'll see what will happen

gerballuv2002 wrote:
2012-05-22 10:57:51 -0700

its just wrong how they get driven to far

craz12 wrote:
2012-05-22 08:51:48 -0700

I cried when I saw the trailer

gigglez :)
gigglez :) wrote:
2012-05-20 19:43:07 -0700

i feel sad for that kid

I_Love_Harry_StylesXOX wrote:
2012-05-17 17:52:19 -0700

I was Like 'When is the movie coming out' Little did i know, its been out!!! Im so gonna buy it.

Ms. Understood
Ms. Understood wrote:
2012-05-11 12:16:46 -0700

I think this movie is just what the world needs. Not just for the victims of bullying, but bullies themselves. Maybe it will show tormentors the depths of their cruelty and all the scars and pain they cause. I never saw the point of trying to hurt other people anyway. Bullying disgusts me.

padme amadala
padme amadala wrote:
2012-05-10 13:41:08 -0700

this looks sad

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Have You Been Bullied?

  • Yeah, I deal with bullies every day at school.
  • I've been bullied in the past.
  • No, I've never been bullied.
  • No... but I've bullied other people before.

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