Top 10 Tips for Cheerleading Tryouts

Imagine yourself at the top of a 15-person pyramid, the whole school is watching and cheering, and the team scores from behind to win the big game… sound exciting? Well, let’s step it up and become the best cheerleader you can possibly be. Here are Kidzworld’s top 10 tips for cheerleading tryouts:

No. 10: Be creative.

You’re going to have to perform a little audition. If you have a couple of fresh cheers that no one has heard before, there’s a good chance that everyone is going to recognize that you are a leader and you’re road to the top of the pyramid just became that much easier.

No. 9: You are what you eat.

If you’re eating lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, it’s going to show. Adding color to your diet is the best way to add color to your face and your personality will flourish like a flower!

Food for ColorFruits and VeggiesCourtesy of

No. 8: Make friends with other cheerleaders.

Make sure not to be competitive with the other cheerleaders and try your best to share each other’s goals and aspirations. The more you have fun with the other girls, the easier it will be to have fun while you’re cheerleading and that’s the key to being a good cheerleader.

No. 7: Do your research.

Look up some cheerleading videos on youtube and memorize as many cheers as you can. If your brain is a database of cheerleading knowledge, than learning things at tryouts will be easy!

No. 6: Keep fit.

Aerobics, swimming, yoga and even karate are some great cross-training activities that will help you pull off some awesome cheerleading moves.

Practicing FlexibilityYoga for KidsCourtesy of

No. 5: Warm-up.

Make sure that before you go for cheerleading tryouts, you warm up with some light activity and a bit of stretching. There’s a good chance that you will be trying really hard while you cheer and sometimes that can be dangerous and you can pull a muscle if you’re not ready and focused.

No. 4: Avoid energy drinks.

Even though energy drinks like Red-Bull and Monster say that they will give you energy, don’t believe it! Energy drinks are unnatural stimulants that can make you a little bit too hyper.

Sugar and CaffeineNo Energy DrinksCourtesy of

No. 3: Vocal Velocity.

Well if you’re going to be a cheerleader, you better learn how to amplify your vocal cheering. If you don’t have a loud voice, there’s a good chance that you speak with your throat muscles instead of your diaphragm. You can actually learn how to change this and it will make your voice deeper and louder.

No. 2: Confidence.

Almost anything you do in life is done better with confidence. So how do you get confidence? By practicing your skills and adding multiple talents to your repertoire is an easy way. And surprisingly enough, by genuinely being nice and trying to help others is another great way to spread love and when that love come back to you, your confidence will skyrocket!

No. 1: Gymnastics 101.

Gymnastics is obviously the best thing you can learn before you tryout for cheerleading. If you learn how to do a back-handspring, you’re pretty much a lock for the cheerleading team.

Gymnastic GuruBack HandspingCourtesy of

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catmat13 wrote:

I love cheerleading so much that I'm the head cheerleader at my school
commented: Sun Jun 01, 2014


LollipopR wrote:

I've never done cheerleading but it sounds really fun!!
commented: Thu Apr 24, 2014


alic100 wrote:

i was going to join a team but it cost 2000 dollars for the first year the add 1000 eve...
commented: Thu Apr 24, 2014

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Most Common Cheerleading Injury?

  • Ankle - from landing wrong.
  • Throat - from all that yelling.
  • Bum - from those bad basket tosses.
  • Brain - from trying to remember complicated cheers.

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