Dear Dish-It: Type 2 Diabetes

Bob asks: “My mom has type 2 diabetes; will she ever get better?” Back to Article

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alexander515 wrote:
2012-06-18 07:38:30 -0700

My granddad has diabetes.

ILoveSoftball#10 wrote:
2012-06-17 18:36:28 -0700

My bf has diabetes...

CupcakeLover2001 wrote:
2012-06-17 05:04:48 -0700

My dad has type 2 diabeties. boo hoo Sad

-Amazinq.Ashlee.x3.- wrote:
2012-06-16 16:10:31 -0700

My mama doesn't have diabetes at all.

quandra*bhadd_2021551 wrote:
2012-06-16 15:28:14 -0700

Oh Damn !

Rocky2245 wrote:
2012-06-16 14:32:46 -0700

I have type 1

raerae bodge
raerae bodge wrote:
2012-06-16 14:22:06 -0700

she'll be a bright bug don't wory

gigglez :)
gigglez :) wrote:
2012-06-16 09:32:13 -0700

Lucky me ain't go no nasty diabetes...

0212awsome wrote:
2012-06-15 14:43:34 -0700

My mom has diabetes too

Fallynreece8300 wrote:
2012-06-15 13:23:07 -0700

She will be fine! and you dont have to be so mean about it!

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Do You Know Someone With Diabetes?

  • Yeah, one of my family members.
  • I have diabetes.
  • One of my friends has diabetes.
  • No, I don't know anyone who has diabetes.

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"Cadena" wrote:White shirt with a skull on it and some text on the back that I can't remember, dark blue jeans, black socks, and a wristwatch. HOW DO U ATTACH A PIC TO A POST???
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loddywho posted in Style:
I'm wearing a plain gray t-shirt with pink-magenta shorts and my hair is tied back in the littlest messiest ponytail you've ever seen! I didn't even tie it with a hair tie, I tied it with my cloth headband! I'm recovering from a cough so that's why I'm so messy XD
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I'm an only child so it really depends on things, they're not strict when it comes to most things. I can wear what I want unless you know, it's like, completely outta question. I can cuss and all, like say one or two "okay-cuss words" around them, just as long as it's not AT them. They're fine with spending money lol, as much as it takes. I don't really ask for stuff, but I get stuff for no reason sometimes. It can be a problem,  cuz I consider it throwing money down the drain. but I'm somewhat grateful. but my parents are also overprotective LOL so I can't go out too far on my own and stuff. "Watch out for weird boys, honey." All that craap, but I guess I can deal with it.
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i dont see my dad but my mom is mean.. but sometimes she is nice.  :punk
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Sana11 posted in Family Issues:
Their normal
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