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2012 NBA Finals Preview

Jun 11, 2012

The 2012 NBA Finals are set to begin on Tuesday, June 12 and what a great showdown it will be between the Miami Heat and the Oklahoma City Thunder. The Thunder have the home-court advantage, but does it really matter? It seems like whoever has the best player is going to win. Here is the NBA Finals Preview.

Battle for the Best

Everybody has been saying it; everybody has been debating it; everybody has been searching for it; who is the best player in the NBAKevin Durant or Lebron James? Well, I think the answer will be quite obvious at the end of these NBA Finals. It's just too bad that Derrick Rose couldn't finish the season without getting injured... if Derrick had made it through the Playoffs healthy, the Chicago Bulls might have made it to the Finals and maybe Derrick would be in this picture rather than Lebron. Kobe Bryant obviously is the last one to be considered for the best player, but he is probably getting too old to compete with these young bucks.

Who is the Best?Who is the Best?Courtesy of the NBA

Age is Everything in the NBA

The Thunder’s top 3 stars are all under 23 years old, while the Heat’s top 3 are all like 30. Kevin and his two sidekicks, Russell Westbrook and James Harden are just like a bunch of kids on the playground out there… well, BIG KIDS anyways. They seem to have a fun mentality compared to the serious old guys like the San Antonio Seniors. Lebron and his two sidekicks Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh are more mature, calm and composed, but does that mean anything on a basketball court? If the Thunder win, it sure will prove that you don’t need experience to win a NBA Championship.

Lebron Top of TV

Sports Stars of TVSports Stars of TVCourtesy of the NBA

It’s just amazing how much you hear the name “Lebron James” on television. If the NBA were a popularity contest, Lebron has already won this thing in a landslide. His name is mentioned on TV more than Oklahoma’s whole team stacked together.

Conspiracy Theory

2012 NBA Playoff Bracket2012 NBA Playoff BracketCourtesy of the NBA

For you UFO lovers out there, there is actually a conspiracy theory that the NBA is rigged. Basketball is a sport that is controlled quite a bit by referees, so if the NBA Commisioner, David Stern, wants a certain team to win, then all he has to do is tell the referees which teams get to the Finals. Can you believe it?

Pull-Up Prediction

It’s pretty obvious that the Miami Heat are the stronger team overall, but miracles are known to happen, so it’s going to be the Oklahoma City Thunder in 7 games.

Have Your Say

Who do you think will win? Let us know in the comments below…


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