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Tyrese Conquers the Five Towers

Jul 06, 2012

By: Lynn Barker

The bangin’ outdoor concert venue at Universal CityWalk got a one year anniversary treat when R&B singer turned movie star (2 Fast 2 Furious and the Transformers series) Tyrese Gibson went back to his roots to celebrate his new album “Open Invitation” with a free concert. It’s been five years since he’s dropped an album but, hey, the boy still has “it”!

Kidzworld was backstage for the artist’s Meet and Greets during which the star told tales of visiting Universal’s themepark with his family including, of course, experiencing the new Transformers 3-D ride, then we’re out front to capture fan excitement, impromptu freestylin’ and more as Tyrese fans old and new awaited their hero.

We talked to one feisty blind woman in a wheelchair who had been given a special spot up front. She said she’d go anywhere to hear Tyrese and she could see him “in my heart”.  Fans who purchased Tyrese fan swag got special spots up front as well and the whole audience, young and old, grooved to L.A. Kiss radio D.J.’s spins and freebie tosses.

Courtesy of Lynn Barker

Tyrese took the stage all “incognito” in shades and zipped up black hoodie, only to remove those items…one at a time to great crowd (mostly female) response. Yep, the man is still “ripped”. Hits new and old were performed including “Sweet Lady”, “Stay”, “How U Gonna Act Like That?” and his classic “I Like Them Girls”.



All-in-all, a fun summer nite at the Hollywood Studio’s CityWalk locale. If you are in L.A., come on down! Concerts all summer.



Tyrese fans get their groove on before his Universal CityWalk concert



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