Kathryn McCormick: “So You Think You Can Dance” Goes “Flash Mob”!

The star of “Step Up: Revolution” talks dance, fun in Miami and her hot co-star! Back to Article

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mindless behavior bady
mindless behavior bady wrote:
2012-07-26 13:41:24 -0700


Zach.Owns.Her wrote:
2012-07-26 07:26:55 -0700

Isnt she the sister of Sierra McCormick?

ihaveallergies wrote:
2012-07-25 07:15:48 -0700

Me too

kyleasmile321 wrote:
2012-07-24 16:10:50 -0700

U thnk u can dance? Cause I hate tht show

ilove2hunt wrote:
2012-07-24 16:06:38 -0700

I cant wait to see it these friday! Big Grin

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Who's your favorite SYTYCD choreographer?

  • Mia Michaels
  • Travis Wall
  • Sonya Tayeh
  • Tabitha and Napoleon

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I'm not even really sure who the popular kids at my school are. Kids usually wear anything from cute dresses and heels to jeans and a hoodie. It depends on the person because my school doesn't really have any popular people.
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I watch movies in the theaters and on Netflix all of the time. cx The last movie I watched was Jack Reacher.
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the last movie i saw was the amazing spider man the movie was great and awesome #spider man :)
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It depends on the wealth of the school, the culture of the school, etc., I went to three different middle schools. One wasn't so wealthy, so a lot of them had converse, regular jeans, and over-used Aeropostale and Abercombie shirts. The second one, was a bit more wealthy, but they were a bit redneck. The popular girls and guy wore camo most of the time, along with the girls' hair up and jeans up to their belly buttons (ew). The last one was very wealthy. Some of the parents had gone to the best colleges in the region, and the kids wore anything from Forever 21 to very expensive brands.
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jeans and a shirt is better More you can see
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