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Pretty Little Liars: Season 3, Episode 9:: The Kahn Game

Aug 08, 2011

This week on Pretty Little Liars (Season 3, Episode 9) Spencer and Aria get invited to a secret party and play a revealing game of truth or dare with Noel and Jenna in “The Kahn Game” which aired August 7, 2012 to discover what you missed!

The “A” in Caleb

While Hanna is getting ready for school a policeman comes to the house and tells her mother that they have a court order for Hanna to produce her blood for testing on Ali’s anklet, instead of telling her right away Mrs. Marin decides to give Victoria Hastings a visit and in the process runs into Pastor Ted, and later calls him up to invite him over for dinner.

Meanwhile at school Hanna and Caleb see each other across the hallway and he comes over to give her note for Spencer with the new password for Maya’s website. Hanna tries to play it cool but they both clearly still have feelings for each other, and no sooner has Caleb left Hanna gets a message from ‘A’ threatening Caleb’s safety unless she meets them at the Rosewood Grill that evening. Before she leaves the house that night her mother spills the beans about the blood test. When Hanna gets there Caleb pulls up, she warns him to get out of there and he says, “I’m ‘A’” – Caleb sent the message to find out if Hanna was being stalked again! But he doesn’t know the half of it,  Hanna tells him that ‘A’ is the one who caused his mother’s car accident and doesn’t want him involved but he vows to help her take down ‘A’ and kisses her passionately.


Spencer vents to Aria about needing a break from dealing with ‘A’ since she forgot to send in her college application to U-Penn when Cece comes over and says hello, mentioning that a friend of hers that invited her to a party that night works in the admissions office. Spencer begs to have her take them along so she can persuade him to take her application, but when the girls get there it turns out it’s at Noel Kahn’s house and at the party they’re given stamps like the one Holden had when he mentioned he had seen Maya at those parties. Although most of the people are older Noel is there with Jenna and Aria gets into a nasty game of “truth” with him where he pumps her for answers on her relationship with Ezra, but Spencer jumps at the chance to attack Jenna in the next game of truth and ask her about the night Emily can’t remember. Jenna wants out of the game, reminding Spencer of her promise but says that she and Noel found Emily at the diner that night. Jenna asks where “the tape” is and Spencer counters by asking where Ali’s body is.

The liars are all torn on whether to tell Emily about Maya’s site since she is so happy with Paige, but eventually Hanna tells her and Emily watches the videos alone in her room until Paige drops in and comforts her.

Family Ties

After the disaster with Ezra’s mother at the art exhibit Aria is determined to tell Ezra about his mother’s offer, but when she gets there he is arguing with his brother Wes. It turns out his mother wants the vintage car that he sold back and now he needs to borrow from his brother to buy it and takes off to talk to the car’s owner. Later after Aria is grilled by Noel in the game of truth she storms out and calls Ezra’s phone but it’s his brother who answers, she asks him to leave a message saying she needs to be picked up, but it’s Wes who rolls up to get her. On the ride back he tells her about another girlfriend of Ezra’s that his mother paid off. After high school Ezra got a girl pregnant and his mother paid her to “make it go away.”Aria is shocked and when she sees Ezra demands to know why he didn’t tell her himself.

Have Your Say

Do you think the girls can trust Cece? Let us know in the comments section below.



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