America's Got Talent: Season 7, Episode 28 :: Semi-finals Round 2

This week on America’s Got Talent (Season 7, Episode 28), the semi-finals conclude with the final 12 acts! Read Kidzworld’s recap of the “Semi-finals Round 2,” which aired on September 4, 2012, to discover what you missed. Back to Article

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poohrox wrote:
2012-09-11 17:31:39 -0700


lil ashyz
lil ashyz wrote:
2012-09-11 13:17:43 -0700

i agree he is sooooo adorable

beautymoxiegirl wrote:
2012-09-06 18:07:12 -0700

the little boy and the marichi band lost!YESSSS!i just hate that kind of music and he robaly cried like a baby when he lost!HA HA

btr10111 wrote:
2012-09-05 16:17:29 -0700

The little boy that sings Spanish songs! He is soooo adorable! But I wish That they did not eliminate Turf! I felt soo bad for him and I really wanted him to win!! Frown

Vertigo wrote:
2012-09-05 14:15:15 -0700

lightwire theater ripped off Iliuminate which ripped off Defying Gravity... ORIGINALITY ANYBODY?

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