Strategies for Special Needs Siblings from

Anyone with sisters and brothers can tell you, siblings are often the family members that we spend the most time with. They're your BFF, your support system and sometimes even your adversary - but when you have sibling with special needs you need to find different ways to communicate and share experiences with them. Check out these Strategies for Special Needs Siblings from to find out more! Back to Article

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Sportygurl wrote:
2012-09-22 19:04:43 -0700

yeah alot

hungergames2438 wrote:
2012-09-22 19:01:00 -0700

is it annoying you?

Sportygurl wrote:
2012-09-21 16:14:07 -0700

okay seriously please stop calling me that

hungergames2438 wrote:
2012-09-21 16:10:36 -0700

I know sis Frown

Sportygurl wrote:
2012-09-18 14:53:16 -0700

I have the same thing as flirt121

aplisa2 wrote:
2012-09-17 18:17:21 -0700

My sister almost had a Asma attack

flirt121 wrote:
2012-09-17 17:21:18 -0700

I have a kidney disease it really sucks I might have to be put on a life transport Frown

ariel101 wrote:
2012-09-17 17:18:20 -0700

my sister has cancer

SockMonkey22 wrote:
2012-09-17 17:16:41 -0700

good advice but I am a only child

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What is your outlet when you have a stressful situation with your special needs sibling?

  • Write in a Diary
  • Draw or Make Art
  • Talk to family and friends
  • Play Sports

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