Dear Dish-It: How Do I Stop The Bullying?

Bullied asks: I have been bullied for a while now and I don't know why. I'm not the slimmest or the prettiest, though I've been told that I have a great personality. What do I do to make the bullying stop, and what do I change about myself? Back to Article

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Mayumi12 wrote:
2014-09-01 00:02:32 -0700

All the bullies!! GO DIE!!!

MonasYou wrote:
2014-06-27 01:42:21 -0700

Anyone can make a difference in bullying

kayla213 wrote:
2014-05-30 10:18:00 -0700

I think you dont have to change anything your pretty the way you r

peace121 wrote:
2014-05-10 16:16:43 -0700

everyone has something different to say about
you. Just try to ignore them. For example:

You: "Well I Like my Glasses."

Sometimes ignoring does not work.
try my advice

Snickers147 wrote:
2014-05-07 18:38:52 -0700

Everybody has to make a change in this world everybody has to stop bullying. It hurts people who is getting bullied so if you see someone getting bullied stand up for the person cause if you was getting bullied the person would stand up for you so let's put bullying to sleep smile

Barbrah wrote:
2014-05-04 19:52:54 -0700

If u honestly love ur life smile... Dont change it for anyone only you can be you so live life with a smile bcus at the end of day u still have a full life ahead of u waiting with end less joy and exictment!

jony01 wrote:
2014-05-04 16:10:04 -0700

if you think you are pretty .. or cool then don't depends on other enjoy your life smile and care your parents , lover and friends smile

KrissyUrBoo wrote:
2014-04-23 11:14:52 -0700

Idk why ppl bully, if they think it's cool or someone dared them, idk if they know they're making a person feel sad or upset -.- like some kids commit suicide bc of bullying. I wish bullying nvr exists cuz it just hurts. Causes kids to take #####, kill themselves. And also the victim won't tell a stand up, don't let them haters or bcchs make u feel a way. I've never been bullies bc i stand upp!! C'mon!

KrissyUrBoo wrote:
2014-04-23 11:14:32 -0700

Idk why ppl bully, if they think it's cool or someone dared them, idk if they know they're making a person feel sad or upset -.- like some kids commit suicide bc of bullying. I wish bullying nvr exists cuz it just hurts. Causes kids to take #####, kill themselves. And also the victim won't tell a stand up, don't let them haters or bcchs make u feel a way. I've never been bullies bc i stand upp!! C'mon!

sweetiepie15 wrote:
2014-04-18 06:46:57 -0700

i wish there was never nay bulling in this world cuz i get bullied all the time

cw1012 wrote:
2014-04-18 06:45:11 -0700

Stand up for yourself show everybody your not the they can just bully around

Smilerz225 wrote:
2014-04-13 11:45:55 -0700

Well first, tell someone don't think telling will make u a tattle tale because it's called standing up for yourself. Usually telling will scare the bully into not doing it again, but that's not always the case... If the bullying continues, try to ignore it as much as you can. And if that doesn't work you should probably get the police involved, because in most states bullying can be illegal

ashca wrote:
2014-03-08 13:28:19 -0800

ya i have been bullied scene i was like 4 and i am 11 now and it has not getting any better like a few months ago i got into a non-word fight with my bully and made everything worse she now calls me and my friends pathetic little losers.

alexiarina123 wrote:
2014-02-21 07:13:08 -0800

bullies act that way to make u feel extremely bad abt urself

maxysady wrote:
2014-02-17 11:25:35 -0800

bullies need to stop

30rock wrote:
2014-01-23 13:33:22 -0800

dont give into duh!

triiboy wrote:
2014-01-21 18:18:01 -0800

The only reson there bullyi.g you because you have something that they dont they are basicly
jeluse of you that is why there trying to make you weak but your not

MonasYou wrote:
2014-01-20 20:58:45 -0800

They are stupid, think and say to yourself "Sticks and stones may break YUR bones but words can never hurt chu. Fight Bak at least

meganloveme13 wrote:
2014-01-20 10:57:21 -0800

just think to yourself "im better then them i dont make people feel like there making me feel " I'm bullied every day i just try to get over it and concentrate on my studies ... since, im doing great at school except i am still getting bullied Frown

angelmyboo wrote:
2014-01-15 17:29:15 -0800

all yall right ..........

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What Should Be Done With School Bullies? Vote!

  • Send them to a far out planet in outer space.
  • Make them eat spinach and tofu for a month.
  • Give them a year of detention.
  • Give them lots of hugs and talk about their feelings.

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Is it a movie?
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